Steve’s Weekly Wrap-Up: September 16, 2016

It was good to see everyone celebrating the anniversary of the Hope fund this week. I have donated to this fund since its inception. Why you ask? I like you have participated in many efforts to help a colleague over the years who may have had some unexpected event disrupt their life. We donated PTO, collected money and had bake sales. All effective for these small one person, one-time events. In 2004 I was in my first Chief Operating Officer position at St Lucie Medical Center.   Within 6 weeks of my start date I was the incident hope-fund-week-2016_cnhcommander for 2 ferocious hurricanes. The first was Frances on August 24th and was followed by Jeanne on September 24th. Both devastated Port St Lucie and hundreds of our employee lives were turned upside down flooding their homes and in some cases complete destruction. No bake sale was going to be able to help all those that needed it. I remember Dr. Tommy Frist flying in and asking what we needed and he mobilized the resources of HCA to help us. This was followed by another direct hit in 2005 by Hurricane Wilma and then New Orleans where our Tulane medical Center was located was hit by Katrina. It was these series of events thatHOPE fund FromTheHeartLogo1 led HCA to establish the Hope Fund to assist our staff when these  and other catastrophic events occur. I have approved dozens of Hope Fund requests for house fires, deaths, and long term illnesses to support our HCA family members. I can’t imagine our company without this resource now and happily contribute so funds are available when one of us needs it. I hope you will consider adding it to your list of charitable contributions in 2017.

we're hiringWe are now in the strategic planning process for our 2017 budget. Next week our Division President and CFO will be in Macon to discuss those plans. We will continue to build our surgical volume through the recruitment of the two surgeons joining our staff this fall, adding some new technology to the OR, building on our Primary Stoke Center designation, expand our ED, add intensivist services, upgrade our diagnostic imaging capabilities and add gastroenterology to our service lines.  I am excited about the possibilities of growth and innovation for Northside.

At next week’s Directors meeting we will hear the first presentations of your action plandepartmental employee survey action plans. I am looking forward to seeing the great
work you are doing to improve the work and care environment. I hope that you all know that it takes each of us to look at our areas and be accountable for it looks and feels to our internal (you) and external customers (physicians, patients and visitors). I am proud to represent your efforts in the community and communicate the great care happening here daily.

peds-er-birthdayToday, we celebrate the one year anniversary of our Pediatric ED. The staff and physicians have successfully integrated this service into our hospital and our community has responded positively. We have seen 10% growth in our peds EMS visits and a 25% growth in pediatric visits overall. This has been a huge success for our hospital and clearly met a need in our community.

welcome-matThis week we welcome our new Surgical Services Director, Karen Duckworth, to our
leadership team.
She and Amanda Brandon will be transitioning outstanding projects and initiatives over the next 3 weeks. Thanks to Amanda for the tremendous job she has done during this interim period. We will miss her energy and laughter.



  • The week honors the efforts and dedication of professionals who maintain a clean, safe and healthy environment for us all each and every day. Often their efforts go unnoticed or are taken for granted. Please take the time this week to say thank you to our Environmental Services team for providing a clean, infection free environment for our staff and patients. – Steve and Pat
  • Congratulations to the 3rd floor team for regaining top quartile performance in patient experience and #1 in the South Atlantic Division! Let’s keep that WOW factor in our care! – Steve and Pat
  • I want to tell you what an excellent job Lindsey Scarpallino did with my cysto cases today. She made my day and my patient’s day go so easy. – Dr. Perkel
  • My personal thanks to William, Randy and Ron for managing the many projects we have going on and completing the Joint Commission PFI projects ahead of schedule. Our facility has never looked better or been more safe due to their efforts. – Steve

Have a great weekend!

Steve Daugherty - CNH