Steve’s Weekly Wrap-Up: September 23, 2016

thumbs upAgain this week, I want to congratulate everyone on our patient experience scores which are leading the South Atlantic Division and put us in the top quartile nationally in 3 of the 4 tracks. We have seen tremendous increases in courtesy and respect and response times. As we get busier, we have to keep that laser focus and seat the details of each and every one of our patient’s experiences while our guest. I asked a few weeks ago how many of our staff can recite the Mission Statement and more importantly link that mission back to the care and comfort we provide our patients. On Wednesday of this week my phone rang with a video text. To my surprise and pleasure I was greeted with the 3rd floor reciting the mission statement! For the sake of our patients and for us to feel fulfilled in our jobs, we have to find that connection. Something deeper than just looking at the daily tasks. How we are really impacting the lives of our patients. Thanks to the 3rd floor for the amazing video!

It’s time again to enter your best, most creative ideas for the HCA Innovators Award at Full-time employees are eligible for local and division awards, and the national $10,000 award.* All ideas will be reviewed and considered. However, to spur your thinking and help align your ideas with HCA’s strategic innovation initiative, here are some thoughts to get you started in each HCA Innovators Award category:caring hands_1

  1. Quality and Patient Safety: an idea that improves clinical outcomes; facilitates public recognition for quality or performance; improves use of clinical resources; reduces employee health issues.

For example:

  • Change in condition: How can we respond faster to a sudden change in a patient’s condition?
  • Transitions of care: How can we improve and accelerate patient transitions (e.g., ER discharge, urgent care to ER, etc.)?
  • Faster access to information: What important piece of information about a patient does a clinician need to get to faster, and how can we accomplish that?
  1. Service Excellence: an idea that enhances the patient, service-excellencephysician or employee experience; improves satisfaction or loyalty scores; supports diversity.

For example: 

  • Pain management: How can we help patients with pain management?
  • Patient in-room experience: How can we improve the in-room experience for a patient?
  • Data exchange: How can we ensure patients, providers and caregivers have access to the right information at the right time?
  • Collaboration: How can we improve communication and knowledge sharing in our facilities, within a market and across HCA?


  1. Financial Impact: an idea that results in measurable expense reduction; enhances patient care management to reduce risk; produces increased volumes; enhances reimbursement or revenue loss avoidance.

For example:

  • Registration and discharge: How can we make registration and discharge more efficient and timely for patients?
  • RFID and RTLS technology: How can we use RFID and RTLS technology to improve operations and care delivery?
  • Room turnover: How can we improve the speed and efficiency of making a room ready for the next patient?
  • Social media: How can social media be used to improve operations and care delivery?

lightbulb_ideaIdeas may be submitted any time at To be considered for 2016, ideas must be submitted by December 15, 2016. Ideas submitted after that date will be considered as part of next year’s award cycle. Local and division Innovators Award winners for 2016 will be selected throughout the first quarter of 2017. National-level winners will be selected and recognized as part of the HCA Awards of Distinction, which includes the Frist Humanitarian Awards and Nursing Excellence Awards. All national Awards of Distinction recipients will be recognized at events held in Nashville in June 2017.


All of our leadership positions will attending Leadership Development training with a two-day workshop in Savannah on October 20-21, 2016. We are excited to kick off our Leadership Development training program for the HCA South Atlantic Division. We want to arm our leaders with the tools necessary to improve the patient  experience on their unit, in their department, and in our hospital, so that every patient leaves us not only healthier, but also delighted with the care they received and the team members they encountered. To be successful we have to develop our leaders and we are pleased to be able to begin this series of education events.



  • Jaimie, Lizzie, Austin, Shawn, Jackie, Bill & Shannon all deserve to be recognized.  Words cannot express how the entire staff has been so accommodating to my husband and me.  Thank you all for the blessing (our earthly angels) as we go through this journey in life.  May God bless you all.”  Patient – M.S.
  • “All of the Surgery Staff and the 3rd Floor were great.  They provided me excellent service and I thank them for providing me comfort during my surgery and the subsequent stay in the 3rd Floor Unit.”  Patient – L. R.
  • “Everyone did a wonderful job and were very professional.”  Patient – Anonymous
  • Elaine Vaughn did a great job assisting me with my registration.  When I had a question about my billing, she quickly researched it and found an answer for me.  She also walked me to the X-Ray room and thanked me for coming in.”  Patient – C.T.
  • Angela Lintz, I would like to thank you for taking care of me.  You’re a very kind and respectful nurse and very caring to your patients.”  Patient – M.E.
  • Teresa Underwood assisted one of her co-workers by taking the initiative to open a back table in the OR and set up a case.  She assisted the circulating nurse to facilitate a timely start to provide an excellent safe patient experience.”  Employee – Amanda Brandon
  • I wanted to take a moment and let you know what an incredibly AWESOME job Andrew has done with EBCD. I knew we had put together a great team and I was very excited to work with this team. However, even though I set the bar high and had great expectations from every member of the team, Andrew has really stepped up and been the team leader. We are so fortunate to have such a wonderful resource. Please take a moment and recognize Andrew for the effort he has put into this project. Thank you for allowing him to be a part of this team! – Wayne Thompson

Have a great weekend and Go Dawgs!

Steve Daugherty - CNH