Steve’s Weekly Wrap-Up: September 30, 2016

rearview-mirrorWe now have ¾ of the year in our rear view mirror. We continue to gain the trust of our medical staff and community ending the month of September with an increase of 7.5% in admissions, 9% increase in inpatient surgeries, 20% increase in outpatient surgeries and 14% increase in emergency room visits. We have also gained the attention of our competitor with a new billboard campaign targetingneuschwanstein-castle3 their loss in pediatric ER visits with the excellent care here and over 25% growth. While they characterize our pediatric service as a “fairytale” for the community we serve, our service is truly “A Dream Come True” with short wait times and compassionate care delivered specifically for kids. Thanks for raising the bar for pediatric care in Macon.

One of the areas for improvement on most department employee survey reports was understanding benefits and who your pay is determined. To bring some clarity to these questions our Human Resources department will be holding a series of meetings to address these questions. They will be held in the first floor conference room on the following dates and times. I encourage you to attend.

  • October 5 at 6:30am
  • October 6 at 3:00pm
  • October 11 at 2:00pm
  • October 12 at 6:30pm

we're hiringOn October 3rd we are holding another job fair at the Marriott downtown from 10am to 6pm. If you refer a nurse who accepts a full time position you are eligible for a $3000 referral bonus. You will need to fill out and
submit a form found at the following location on the
portal : http://chsyweb/OneHR/Shared Documents/CHS Employee Referral Program/Employee Referral Form.docx . cashWhat an easy way to earn a little vacation or Christmas money while adding some excellent people to our team.

welcomePlease welcome Karen Duckworth, Director of Surgical Services and Jamie Taylor, Director of ICU and Respiratory Services. They both bring excellent experience to their roles as well as a history of caring and compassion in healthcare. Please assist them as they orient to our hospital.

We have been fortunate to receive funding for some great new operating room technology this past week. In the next 30-60 days we will be receiving a Mazor Robot for spine surgery. We have 3 surgeons currently trained and will have two more very soon. Technology continues to be an important differentiator for surgeons and patients. You can learn more about this exciting and innovative technology at:

heart walkWe are rapidly approaching the Heart Walk on October 20th at Middle Georgia State University. Thanks for all the teams and individuals who are raising money for this great organization as heart disease continues to be a leading cause of premature death. I hope to see you all at the walk! Please support the auction in the lobby today!

I am attending my first Georgia Bulldog football game in Athens this weekend! Looking forward to seeing the city, campus and of course a big Dawg victory against the Vols!



  • My neighbor come to the radiology department a couple of weeks ago thinking that they were going to get 2 tests done the same day. Unfortunately, not all physicians know that there are some radiologic procedures that can’t be done in the same day. The patient’s husband was very mad and Judy saw this in the man’s face. I first hand watched Judy immediately explained to the patient’s husband that “not all physician know this and try not to get too mad at the doctor that ordered the tests.” Her explanation calmed the patient’s husband down immediately and afterwards he told me, “she read me exactly right!” She asked him what day would be a good day for them to come back and what time. She called central scheduling and scheduled the appointment for the patient while they waited. He told me in a conversation a couple of days later that her words diffused his frustration and he was able to focus on what was important and that was his wife and scheduling the other radiologic test at a later date. GO JUDY!!! – Terry Rideout, RN,BSN
  • “Sometimes when you are in the hospital and can’t get up, your room gets all cluttered.  That only makes me feel worse.  The night that Veronique took care of me, she also policed my room and threw away empty cups, straightened my covers and did what needed to be done without being asked.  She is always friendly!”  Patient – T.W.
  • Salethia, thank you for your generosity and kindness.  My stay was so fantastic!  God Bless.”  Patient – B.R.
  • I would like to recognize Darcell Clayton for the incredible attention to detail she paid to getting things just right for a patient. The patient’s Granddaughter told Darcell how much it meant to her to see someone care that much about their loved one. – Wayne Thompson
  • I had to take my daughter to the ER this past Saturday night with a migraine.  I wanted to tell you that EVERYONE in the ER that night was fabulous.  Cindy Green PA, Valerie RN, Kirk RN, the person who did our insurance information (can’t remember her name, but it started with “SH”, the nurse that took our information, and a taller gentleman who went out of his way to get her a blanket and a remote for the TV.  Cindy was the most pleasant physician or PA we’ve encountered, Valerie was a fantastic, caring, personable nurse, Kirk was very nice when he came to take out the IV.  It was like being in a hotel and everyone was making sure to take care of you – and they were busy that night to boot. Please acknowledge this staff if possible – they deserve to be recognized. – Kathy Armstrong, Executive Assistant, CMC
  • I would very much like to recognize Cabel, Josh, Julie and Stephanie for the wonderful job they are doing with EBCD. We are still green with our Go-Live for October 11th and they have really taken ownership of this project and done an incredible job. –Wayne Thompson
  • Shawn is the bomb!  He took extra good care of me the days of my surgery and the day after.  He was always checking on me making sure that I had everything I needed.  He was working hard to get my pain controlled.  Great!”  Patient – J. W.
  • Kim (Case Mgr), (Awesome) Austin Guinn & Kim (RN) – these people went above and beyond to take care of me during my stay at CNH.”  Patient – J. P.
  • “When Roschelle came to work Wednesday night I was having a problem with pain.  She called the doctor and got a different drug and helped me get my pain resolved.  She explained how pain can slow healing.”  Patient – J.W.
  • Salethia Gorley is a great tech and is always smiling and cheerful.  She kept a close eye on me and went out of her way to make sure I had everything I needed.  She is super good!”  Patient – J.W.

Steve Daugherty - CNH