Hurricane Matthew Response Update

Coliseum Health System Employees:

hurricaneevacuationgenericThere is currently a mandatory evacuation ordered for the Georgia coast along the I-95 corridor.  The hurricane is expected to make landfall in Florida by 10pm tonight and extend up the coast to the Charleston, SC area. The hurricane is expected to become a tropical storm by Monday. Contraflow for I-16 began at 1pm from Savannah to the Dudley exit.  Dudley gates will be open and bidirectional traffic on I-16 is open from Dudley to Macon.  Bibb County is expecting evacuees.  A number of shelters are available in our area and have already received evacuees.  All local hotels are booked.

Our region and facility are on notice to potentially receive patients evacuated from hurricane_matthew-1475496509-8687coastal medical facilities.  We are planning to potentially have a full census through the middle of next week.  Due to the potential for increased census, we have developed a surge plan for staffing at Coliseum Medical Centers and Coliseum Northside Hospital. We expect all of these factors to drive up Emergency Room visits over the weekend.


  1. We expect to operate normally tomorrow and have a surge plan in place if we do receive additional (evacuated) patients.
  2. Major travel routes are becoming very congested; please leave home in time to arrive for your shift on time.
  3. We recommend that you gas up your vehicle as soon as possible and plan to keep your tank full until the situation has passed.
  4. We are increasing security presence at the hospital.
  5. CMC employees:  The hospital will be on lock down after 9pm beginning Thursday evening until 7 pm Saturday evening; please ONLY enter the front door of the main building at Coliseum Medical Centers.  Do NOT enter our other entrances, nor allow visitors to enter “with you.”  Don’t forget your badge!  If you encounter a visitor without a badge, please do not hesitate to approach them and escort them to a security officer or the front desk to sign in.
  6. Do not prop open any exterior doors.
  7. Be aware that more updates will come as we are updated by the state and HCA/Division.


heart-in-handsOur thoughts and prayers are with those being affected by this storm.  Our main priorities are to ensure our patients receive excellent care, we communicate effectively with you, you have the resources you need and that we are prepared to accept medical emergencies if they occur.  We will not be serving as a community shelter and suggest families follow the local and state guidance to seek shelter prior to the storm’s arrival in case it’s needed.


Traffic updates:


If you have questions, please check with your Department Director. Thanks!!