Steve’s Weekly Wrap-Up (1/13/17)

img_2563Yesterday, we welcomed over 100 Chamber of Commerce members to a “Business After Hours” in our new Graduate Medical Education Center at CMC. I was proud to represent Coliseum Health System and the care you provide our community. We toured the center and provided an update on the opening of the residency and introduced some our program directors. Over the course of the evening, I heard many stories of these chamber members visiting our hospitals and complimenting the compassionate care they and their family members were provided. As I listened with pride to their personal stories our Mission Statement played over in my head “Above all else, we are committed to the care and improvement of human life.” Their stories demonstrated your commitment to that mission. Thanks for all the great work you do at our hospitals.

coliseummedctr_005_lrColiseum Medical Centers has received both State and corporate approval to expand and renovate the Emergency Department. The expansion will include a 5 bed expansion, face lift of the exiting space, improved supply and medication rooms, the addition of a CT scanner in the ED, replacement of the exiting radiology room expanded EMS canopy and a helipad for air transports. We expect this to take 12-18 months to complete and Todd Dixon and Ron Harn are working with our corporate team to secure a kick-off date for construction. Coliseum Northside has outstanding requests with the state to expand the ED and to replace our existing CT and specials suite. We will update you as these projects move forward.

welcome-matOur Division President, Hugh Tappan, will be visiting our hospitals on January 23-24. He will attend our Board of Trustees meeting to provide a high level update on our plans for 2017 and then meet with some key physicians and tour as time permits. He is always interested in visiting with staff and participating in patient rounds when visiting.  I look forward to introducing him to you.

hca-awards-of-distinction_info-jpgHuman Resources is now accepting nominations for the 2016 HCA Awards of Distinction, which includes the Frist Humanitarian Awards for employees, volunteers and physicians and the Excellence in Nursing Awards, which recognize the invaluable contribution our nurses make. The Frist Humanitarian Awards recognize one employee, one physician and one volunteer at each HCA-affiliated facility who demonstrate extraordinary concern for the welfare and happiness of patients and their community. The Frist Humanitarian Awards are given annually in recognition of the humanitarian spirit and philanthropic work of the late Dr. Thomas F. Frist, Sr., a founder of HCA. The Excellence in Nursing Award recognizes the intrinsic value of the nursing practice in accomplishing the company mission of providing the highest quality of care to the patients and communities we serve. We have so many people who give so much of themselves each day, and I hope everyone will take some time to nominate an admired physician, a nurse who provides stellar patient experiences or supports others through mentorship, a colleague and a volunteer who have truly gone above and beyond in serving our patients and community. All nominations must be turned in by Monday, January 23. You can download a nomination form for the Excellence in Nursing Awards here and the nomination forms for the Frist awards can be found here.  For more information, contact Human Resources at 478-765-4155.

fingerWe need to stay focused not only on great clinical care but also making each patient interaction a positive one for the patient and family. Everyone has to be accountable for solving problems, holding each other accountable to our CARES values, answering call lights timely (Everyone), performing hourly rounding with purpose (pain, potty, position, personal items close by) and bedside report that involves the patient. These simple acts of kindness and consideration of our patients will separate us as the preferred provider of care in Macon. Thanks for your continued focus on these areas.

moving-forward-2Monday, January  16, we pause to honor the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. King led our nation’s civil rights movement from the mid-1950s until his death in 1968. He was a leading advocate for nonviolent activism and equality, and in 1964 he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. In honor of his legacy, communities across the United States have planned volunteer projects for a national “Day of Service.”  HCA is also a proud sponsor of Nashville MLK Day, a youth rally, march and convocation, and one of the largest events in the nation.

We have received the mid-cycle nursing survey for CNH and will be sharing those results once the CNH nursing leadership has a chance to review. We haven’t received the full mid-cycle employee survey for CMC to date. Once we have those we will be sharing those as we work towards our regular survey for both hospitals in May. Thanks for your feedback on how to improve our hospital.

CHappy-birthday-cupcakes-with-candles-1MC Birthday with the Boss will be held on Wednesday, January 18th in the 1st floor classroom at 11:30am! Please RSVP to Vera no later than Friday, January 13th if you are able to attend!  If you missed your birthday in December just let her know if you would like to join us this month.



Kudos to the entire ER team for collaboration and team effort seeing high census and maintaining patient safety along with satisfaction. – Michael

Congratulations to Stephanie Stiltz who has accepted the position of System Business Analyst for Third Party Applications in the Georgia Market! – Nick Shealy

Ms. Elaine Vaughn and Ms. Bridgette both demonstrated great patient care.  They not only cared for me but my spouse as well.  They went above their duties.  Keep up the good work ladies!  Northside at its best!”  Patient – R.M.

Darcell Clayton, Amber Bedgood, Auneen Brawley, Valerie & Kathy all took great care of me during my recent stay at Coliseum Northside Hospital.”  Patient – J.B.

“I believe it is important to recognize exceptional work performance.  I had shoulder replacement surgery on 11/8/16 and Consuelo Brown was my nurse from 7 pm to 7 am.  She demonstrates professionalism in her thoughtfulness, effectiveness, conscientiousness and diligence.  She possesses the people skills of warmth, kindness, sensitivity and courtesy.  Se his a quality individual and a model of integrity.  She displays a wonderful combination of expertise and genuine caring.  Furthermore, the consideration & responsiveness in her daily work performance ranks at the superior customer service level.

I want you to know how very proud you can be of Consuelo.  It has been very refreshing to experience Consuelo’s high energy, upbeat attitude, happy disposition and cheerfulness.  You are indeed fortunate to have a such a wonderful RN!”  Patient – E.L.


Congratulations to Chris Perkins, who has been promoted to the role of Clinical Coordinator for Respiratory at CMC! – Candy Ussery

“I (Nancy Huitt) wanted to share a pt experience that really demonstrates the issues that patients have after d/c. As you know, the green folder has my number in several places. Well, I had a pt that was d/c’d on ¼. On 1/5 he called me (because mine was the number he had on hand- so glad he did). He stated that the was having issues with his d/c meds. He had them sent to Wal-Mart at d/c and they were like $500. He then had Wal-Mart send them over to the VA in Dublin, so that they would not cost so much. He called me because the VA had issues filling them. I called the VA and we believed that this was handled by 4pm that day. The next day 1/6, the pt called me back and said the VA lost his meds. I thought surely not. I called the VA and indeed they had lost them. So by this point, we had a sepsis pt who has been 48hrs with no abx. I called the VA and made some noise. Then I went to the MD and got the scripts re-written and faxed them over. The pt called back and thanked me and said he had all his meds. It was just a big mess and given a few more hours that pt would have been a re-admit. I really think that the homecare Amerigroup program is really going to help. I am also really grateful that the pt thought to call me. Just gave me some insight into why pts are readmitted. I thought I would share.” Great job Nancy Huitt!– Bridget

Steve Daugherty - CNH