Steve’s Weekly Wrap-Up (1/26/17)

weekly-wrap-up2On Monday, our Division President Hugh Tappan and Terence van Arkel, our Division CFO, visited Macon. They met with several groups of physicians from both hospitals and affirmed our commitment and investment in the Georgia market. He discussed the outstanding projects for both campuses, leadership changes and some of the strategies for the market. He listened to their wishes for the market as well, such as secure texting, excitement about our GME program, the need for new physician orientation and involvement in medical staff committees as well as our new residents. We rounded on a few patients, toured the new GME space and introduced him to many of you as we  made our rounds. We finished the day reviewing our staff retention plans and discussed some assistance they could provide in order to continue the positive downward trend in staff turnover. It was a great day with Hugh and Terence and they left with many positive takeaways from the visit.

7e2f94dcde7ca56b6e6d4642182b59b0.jpgRise Up! Falcon Fans! We are planning an Atlanta Falcons Super Bowl celebration the Friday before Super Bowl Sunday. On that day, you will be able to support the Falcons by wearing team apparel appropriate for the workplace and enjoy a football tailgate lunch in the cafeteria. (Sorry no jeans.) Watch for more information as we get closer to the big game!

On Wednesday night I had dinner with Mayor Reichert. I was able to share the economic impact of our hospitals and the future impact of our GME program and building projects. We also discussed how we could help champion several of his projects to improve Macon including the Mill Hill project, downtown redevelopment and bringing new business and industry to Macon. Great healthcare is the foundation for bringing large companies and we have a lot to offer. I was pleased to represent the staff of both hospitals and the great care you provide our citizens.

1dpl5252We have many changes in leadership but I want to point out two specifically. First Amy Cason has been promoted to CNO at HCA StoneCrest Medical Center in Nashville. Well-deserved and she will do great work there.

We also announced earlier this week our new CFO Elmer Polite will join us February 20. He is a very experienced CFO and will add to the already talented team we have at Coliseum Health System. Please congratulate them and welcome Elmer.

We will be rolling out a Leadership Development Series for our managers, supervisors and charge nurses across both hospitals from now until the end of March. The topics will include  connecting every leader to the why and our mission, how to execute on our strategies including celebrating wins, influencing and communication and driving patient experience. Our Directors participated in these sessions late last year and we want to make sure every leader gets this education and development. Stay tuned for dates and times.

I want to congratulate you on two different patient care successes this year. First our STEMI team reduced overall time to balloon from 74 minutes in 2015 to 34 minutes in 2016. Time is muscle! These results contribute to much better outcomes for our heart attack patients.16266042_1346099832078951_1315563707718714749_n

Second congrats to 3 East, 5 East, and NICU for zero blood stream infections in 2016 and ICU for reducing the number from 9 in 2015 to only 2 in 2016. Inpatient rehab also had zero catheter-associated urinary tract infections and 5 West and ICU had only 1 in 2016. This represents the great care you provide and our continued AIM for Zero on hospital-acquired infections!

As you know many south Georgia citizens are recovering from the devastating storms from last week. My thanks to Liana Rogers and Karla Lewis for coordinating the collection of needed supplies from our hospitals to the first responders and victims of these storms. Thanks for your big hearts!

We have begun a new, innovative program to fill our nursing openings at both hospitals. We will be introducing international nurse recruitment in the next week. In countries like Canada, Ireland, Philippines and India there are surpluses of nurses. We will interview via Skype and begin to place these nurses. These staff come with permanent Visa status so after their 2 year commitment if they are a fit they can stay as full-time nurses at our hospitals.  Bridget and Pat will be rolling this out to nurse leaders and begin the interview process as soon as next week.



“I believe it is important to recognize exceptional work performance.  I had shoulder replacement surgery and Consuelo Jones was my nurse from 7 pm – 7 am.  She demonstrates professionalism in her thoroughness, effectiveness, conscientiousness and diligence.  She possesses the people skills of warmth, kindness, sensitivity and courtesy.  She is a quality individual and a model of integrity.  She displays a wonderful combination of expertise and genuine caring.  Furthermore, the consideration and responsiveness in her daily work performance ranks at the superior customer service level.  I want you to know how proud you can be of Consuelo.  It has been very refreshing to experience her high energy, upbeat attitude, happy disposition and cheerfulness.  You are indeed fortunate to have such a wonderful RN!”  Patient – E. L.

“Thank you Kim Edwards for being so gentle and kind to my dad.  This has been an experience we have never dealt with and you have been a true blessing to my dad.”  Patient – C.H.

“My family would like to thank Yolanda Clark for all that you have done.  We want you to know you are highly appreciated!”  Patient – M. R.

“I normally don’t write things like this, but I felt compelled to do so this time.  Every one of the staff at Coliseum Northside was excellent!  They made me feel at ease from the very beginning.  I feel now I made the right choice of hospital.  From my family to yours, thank you!”  Patient – W. W.

“Thank you 3rd Floor Staff, you have been very kind to my dad and family.  You have been understanding and patient with me.  Special thanks to Kim Edwards, Shannon Tomberlin, Kim Freeman & Kelly Austin.  God bless you!”  Patient family member – D.W


I would like to say thanks to our educators Kim Sheffield, Sande Day, and April Veliz who admitted patients in the ED during peak census crunch.  – Bridget

Susan from Cath Recovery stopped me in the hallway to brag on Libby.  She said our patient in room 309 has had nothing but wonderful things to say about our hospital, our floor, our staff and named Libby as one of the BEST NURSES EVER!!  And, the patient said this was by far her best hospital admission EVER!   – Sheri Stinson

I want to recognize Kelly Grant, RN and Hunter Williamson, RN (who is orienting with Kelly) in the ED @ CMC. They provided excellent care to a stroke/sepsis patient and showed compassion to the family members, in addition to the patient, during a stressful time because the patient was a very critical patient. Great job and great teamwork! – Kristen Ankrom

Congrats to lab employee of the month Brenda James! – Redonna

Good morning Nick, Just want to say how impressed I am with your team.   Specifically, DeWitt, Mike and Crystal.  I have yet to contact them or submit a ticket that I didn’t get a response within minutes.  This morning Crystal was at my door within 10 minutes of submitting a ticket that my printer was not working.  She stayed with it until it was determined I needed another printer as the one I had apparently was unrepairable.  I had another printer and was able to print within an hour of submitting my ticket.   I am a happy camper! Thanks to you and your team! – Sherrie Rollins

I had an unexpected trip to the Emergency Room that necessitated a CT with contrast.  It is here that I met Daniel Mitchell.  My first impression of Daniel was that he was patient and compassionate.  Because of the contrast, the consent form is rather lengthy but he sat right beside me and very carefully went through all the safety questions.  He encouraged me to take my time and ask questions.  He explained in detail what he would be doing from start to finish and what I would experience as a patient related to the contrast.  I was extremely uncomfortable on the table and asked if I could flex my legs.  He came back into the room with a wedge that immediately brought me relief.  I realized how knowledgeable and skilled he was when the procedure went exactly as he explained.  I felt prepared and confident in Daniel and the test he was providing.  As I was being transported back to the ER, he sent me with a wish for a swift recovery. Daniel is a gem and an excellent representative of Coliseum Medical Centers. – Patient at CMC

I would like to commend my  entire Social Services and Activities Therapy Staff Members on their exceptional commitment to quality, compassionate care they provide our Behavioral Health patients on a daily basis.  Working in Behavioral Health has its special challenges,  but I believe most of my staff would agree it is more of a “calling” than an occupation.  KUDOS to them for their tireless dedication to assisting those who cannot help themselves during a very difficult time in their lives! Social Services Staff: Gaye Ethridge, LCSW Mildred Trotter, N,  Julie Fromm, N,  Jenny Scarborough, LPC,  Tim Fischer, LCSW, Martha Fennell, LMFT, Brenda Smith, CAC, Dianne Mahlberg, LPC and C. Sabathne, LMFT Activity Therapy Staff:  Sally Dumas, CTRS, Michelle Sluka, CTRS, Kylie Cuppett, CTRS, Randy Colson. Thank You, Don Tillman

I’d like to recognize Core Measure Abstractors Karen Cumbus and Michelle Hawthorne for their diligence with concurrent review every weekday.  They work with our clinical leaders to ensure patients receive evidence based medicine for influenza immunization and VTE prophylaxis.  The positive working relationship they maintain with our Clinical Coordinators and Charge Nurses promotes quality care.  In addition, a special acknowledgement goes out to Kim Sheffield and Sande Day who recently helped with VTE prophylaxis documentation on ED holds.   – Karen Henneberry

Outstanding care aligned with our mission!

Steve Daugherty - CNH