Steve’s Weekly Wrap-Up (March 17, 2017)

st patricks dayHappy St Patrick’s Day!! As you may be able to tell from my last name, Daugherty, a good part of my heritage is Irish. Saint Patrick’s Day was made an official Christian feast day in the early 17th century and is observed by the Catholic Church, the Anglican Communion (especially the Church of Ireland), the Eastern Orthodox Church, and the Lutheran Church. The day commemorates Saint Patrick and the arrival of Christianity in Ireland and celebrates the heritage and culture of the Irish in general. Celebrations generally involve public parades and festivals, cèilidhs, and the wearing of green attire or shamrocks. Christians also attend church services, and historically, the Lenten restrictions on eating and drinking alcohol were lifted for the day, which encouraged and propagated the holiday’s tradition of alcohol consumption.

leprechaun cupcakeIn celebration of St. Patrick’s Day on Friday, the CMC EAG will be serving cupcakes and punch in the CMC Cafeteria from 11AM-2PM and the CNH EAG will be serving cookies and punch in the Bits & Bytes Cafe from 2-3PM. See you there!

match dayThis week was significant for our graduate medical education program. Monday was match day for medical school graduates, and we matched 10/10 internal medicine and 4/4 psychiatry residencies spots in our first ever match! In just a year and a half, we have gone from a concept to filling our first residency class, which is remarkable. Special thanks to Tanya Martinez who was there every step of the way to make this a success.

collaboration_EAGWe are asking every department to have a representative on the EAG committees at our hospitals. This is one way we get input and provide voice to every staff member. We have asked your Director to look for that internal leader and ask them to join. We expect that your Director makes the time for you to attend and participate in this important committee. I look forward to seeing a reinvigorated EAG at both campuses that helps move us from good to great as a place to work, to receive care and to practice medicine.

Volunteer-heart-Nexa-Light-without-line-high-res-copy-2On my last update, I provided you with information on the new HCA Giving website,, and asked where you volunteer your time in the community. Mallory Smith, Director of Physician & Provider Relations – Outreach shared her organization. From Mallory: “In response to your weekly wrap up request, I volunteer on the communications committee for Junior League of Macon. Education is extremely important to me and, I believe, important to our communities. With Junior League of Macon, I share that belief with an amazing group of women, and together, we do our part to improve school readiness and literacy in Middle Georgia. Although I’d like to say that my efforts are truly altruistic, I think I get much more out of it than I could ever give.” I would love to hear from more of you!

Congratulations to both hospitals for having zero hospital acquired infections and zero hospital acquired conditions on our Aim for Zero! Special thanks to Karen, Jan, Brandy, Brandi, and Lynn. Great job – thank you for all that each of you do to ensure we had no HACs/HAIs in February for all of CHS!




  • My dad was brought by ambulance to the ER on 2/26/17 and admitted later that evening. We were greeted, kept informed and received the best treatment as a family while the ER doctor and staff were attending to my dad. After being told we would be transferred to a room, the transfer was smooth and without any problems; most importantly, they allowed my mom to go with him. We were admitted to Room 236 and the staff was exceptional. My dad wanted you to know that everyone from the ER doctor to housekeeping staff was excellent and though we may not have all the names we’d like to give praises, we wanted you to know some that truly made our stay comfortable. Angie was our day time charge nurse and Ms. Charolette checked on us daily for anything that we might need. Angie and Meredith quickly became favorites as they were so sweet to be sure everything was done and get us anything that we needed. Others that we were fortunate enough to have on the team were Jennifer, Mary, Shantha, Teonshe, and LaShonda. I wish we could name them all, but under the circumstances we just are unable to. Dr. Doucette was the hospitalist and he was excellent as well. He seemed to take all our questions and try to reach out to doctors to find out what their plan of action would be. He made sure that my dad was comfortable and that my family was well informed, staying to take questions until we had expressed everything we could think of. All in all the experience with Coliseum Northside was everything we remembered it being from my dad’s last visit. We sincerely wanted to thank the administration for hiring and providing the best of the best for the care of my dad. We ask that these named employees receive notification that we were so proud of their commitment to our family. Once we were transported to Coliseum for dad’s heart cath, our experience there was excellent as well. Thank you all, from the bottom of our hearts, for making a very scary and difficult situation a pleasant experience once again. My dad even like the hospital food and we loved the convenience of being able to place an order for my mom and any of us so that we did not have to leave the hospital for food. Well done and thoughtful. Best regards, B.W. and Family
  • I wanted to take a moment and ask each of you to communicate to your staff what an incredible job they have done in making our ePrescribe implementation such a huge success. We get so caught up in all of the things we are throwing at the staff every day, that is hard to keep track of all of the amazing accomplishments they achieve. The numbers below speak for themselves to indicate what an outstanding job each of your staff are doing to make us awesome.
  • On our division call, everyone wants to know what our secret is, and all I can tell them is that we have an unbelievable staff that are committed to excellence. The MU requirement for this year is 10%, but of course, HCA doesn’t believe in settling, so they set the bar fairly high at 30% and we are now at 43% for all of 2017. Please take the time and celebrate this achievement with your staff in your huddles and department meetings. – Wayne Thompson



  • “The family would like to thank the Coliseum Medical Center Hospital and staff, especially ICU, CVICU and the 5th floor, as well as Pruitt Health Hospice Care for the love, care and compassion given to their mother at such a difficult time.” Family of M.B.
  • I would like to applaud our IT department for a job well done.   We had a Cardiac Rehab lunch and learn today with Dr. Hetzler as our speaker.  Unfortunately, I was not prepared for Dr. Hetzler’s need for computer and projection screen. This is something I should have ordered ahead of time, but did not.   I contacted Nick Shealy for help and he immediately went into action, calling the necessary people, gathering the needed equipment and having it set up for use.  Nick and Mike had everything up and running in 20 minutes preventing our patients from having to wait longer than our scheduled time.  Nick calmed my slightly panic mode by being so “take charge” and positive that he could make it happen.  Words cannot express how much I appreciate his willingness to help in this situation.  When someone could just as easily tell me it was not possible, Nick stopped everything he was doing and made it happen!  For that, I will be forever grateful.  I am proud of our IT dept! – Sally Proffitt, RN, Cardiac Rehab Supervisor
  • I wanted to report a good catch in the ED. Crystal Miller (phlebotomist) caught 2 code sepsis patients in the waiting room. They were moved to beds and sepsis protocol was followed. The patients received earlier tx because Crystal called and reported the elevated lactates (while patients were still in waiting room!). Great work! – Nancy Huitt, Sepsis Coordinator
  • Elaine Ray-Bass and June Dickerson worked extremely late during the first weekend March for month-end close and again the following weekend for MOR preparations. Accounting is one of the few overhead departments with an unpredictable work schedule due to many time sensitive projects/assignments.  I want to thank those ladies for working so hard over the past few weekends to assure that we meeting our financial reporting compliance. – Elmer Polite, CFO
  • Thank you letter sent to Gaye Ethridge, LCSW, Social Worker on the Adult Behavioral Health Unit. Dearest Gaye, Thank you so much for all your help in the hospital.  You’re definitely an angel in my life.  Please continue to do your job as long as you can. I will never forget all you did for me!  God Bless You! Sincerely, J.G
  • I want to recognize Ashley Ann Kelsay and Tripp Alexander in the Emergency Department for excellent stroke care provided on Monday night (3/13/17). Their dedication and passion to get the necessary care for this patient showed true clinical excellence, and is an example of what should be displayed on a daily basis for our patients. Great job! – Kristen Ankrom, Stroke Coordinator
  • National Histology Professionals Day was March 10th. I would like to recognize Daisy Felix, Jameice Tennison, and Anjula Goel for their service in the pathology lab. – Redonna Bunch, Lab Director

Steve Daugherty - CNH