Steve’s Weekly Wrap-Up (April 21, 2017)

cherokee_nationI started my healthcare career as a high school student enrolled in a Cherokee Nation youth training program where they taught me phlebotomy at the Indian Health Services Hospital near my home town. This experience exposed me to medical technology and set the course for my education and training in medical technology. My family’s ancestors are Cherokee and Shawnee Lab Pro Weekand were part of the removal from ancestral lands called the trail of tears where many perished as they were moved to Indian Territory now called Oklahoma. I am a proud member of the western band of the Cherokee Nation and was lucky to have them provide this early exposure to healthcare. Next week, laboratory professionals celebrate National Laboratory Week, and while I am no longer “on the bench,” I celebrate along with them as they provide critical data for our physicians and nurses to care for, diagnose and treat patients. I will always be Stephen Daugherty, MT (ASCP) which provided me the opportunity to be Stephen Daugherty, CEO.

architectWe completed our first review of the Emergency Department expansion/renovations at both hospitals. Changes to the drawings are now being made and we are awaiting the last review before sending final mechanical drawings. It is a long process but an exciting one for both of our hospitals. We are moving ahead with the CT replacement at Northside and have already secured the mobile CT while we install the new 64 slice CT. At CMC we have submitted the paperwork to the State so that we may begin the two cath lab replacements which should kick-off sometime in July. Lots of exciting investments in our hospitals so that you can deliver the best care in Macon!

improvementHCA continues to expand our Georgia network of hospitals. We are expecting to close on what will be called “Memorial Satilla Hospital” in Waycross in early May. This week, HCA announced a letter of intent with Memorial University Medical Center in Savannah: a 604 bed, Level 1 trauma center and teaching hospital affiliated with Mercer University. I am excited about the possibilities these additions may provide us to extend our reach in middle and southeast Georgia.

lego batmanMay is a big month for celebrations! Our HR team and EAG are planning lots of fun things as we kick-off our employee survey and hospital week. And if it couldn’t get any better, we have our annual service awards banquet in May as well. Stay tuned for the schedule of events and I hope you will all celebrate with us all of the great things you make happen at our hospitals. I continue my belief in what our founder Dr. Frist once said, “good people beget good people” and you are all affirmation of his statement. Thanks for being part of the most exciting, innovative health system in middle Georgia!

caring handsI would ask that you all say a prayer for my family as we transition Lynda’s Dad to Zebulon Park as his permanent placement. He has lived here in Macon at John Wesley Villas for 3 years and many of you at both hospitals have helped him through several life threatening events and saw him bounce back each time. You made all the difference. It is apparent now at 92 he just can’t make it back to assisted living this time. In this situation, we are just like every other family, conflicted about what is best for him and making sure he continues to have a quality life for the amount of time we have left with him. We cry, get angry, and celebrate, sometimes all in one day. We are just like every other family that I see at our hospitals struggling with the choices we offer them. But now it is personal ,and sometimes, even though I know the reality, I too want to ignore it. Sometimes our best just doesn’t seem good enough for someone who has provided us with so much love and support during our 27 years of marriage. Thanks for all that you do for all the “Jerry Arnold’s” in our care.




  • “I would like let you know how wonderful the entire staff is. Everyone we came in contact with, doctors, nurses, techs., unit secretaries, food service and environmental services, went above and beyond to make me and my family comfortable. All were kind and polite and told me everything that was going to happen before they did it and performed their duties in a gentle and earing manner. I would like to bring to attention a couple of recovery staff in particular. Merideth was the first person I saw when I come out of surgery. She took wonderful care of me. She talked to me and made sure my pain was managed well. I must have asked her a hundred times for a drink and she never once made me feel like a bother. She also called my wife numerous times to keep her informed on my condition, as I was in recovery for an extended time. I could not have asked for anyone better. There was also another staff member who’s name escapes me. He helped wheel me into surgery and then was kind enough to come see how I was doing the next day. Employees like these are truly what make your facility great. I would like to thank you all with extra special thanks to Merideth.”  Patient – anonymous
  • “Nurse Linda is a star employee.  There aren’t enough words in the dictionary to describe her compassion or her gentleness.  #TeamLinda – best nurse ever!”  Patient – J.H.
  •  Tammy, Sheila, Tasha – We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the outstanding care you provided our dad!  You all are true professionals that genuinely care.  Thank you!”  Patient R. C.
  •  “There were many shining stars while I was in the hospital.  So many staff were great to me so I just want to say thank you especially to Lizzie and Sam for going above and beyond.”  Patient – anonymous



  • I wanted to recognize Sandra Carter for going above and beyond to assist with a patient.  We had a patient that was experiencing problems and Sandra jumped right in without being asked, and changed her bedding while I tried to calm the patient and try to convince her to sit down.  With her doing this task without being asked to  I was able to focus on the patient and not the bedding.  Please let her know how much I appreciated it, I have told her, but I also wanted you to know what a great employee you have. Thank you – Robin Butler, RN Clinical Coordinator 3E
  • Great job CMC ED for the care provided to a stroke patient on the night of 4/9/17. They administered Alteplase, the “clot busting drug” within 34 minutes, breaking a Coliseum record, but most of all providing excellent patient care for stroke! The team was Dr. Lopez, Ashley Ann Kelsay-RN, David Ruemmele-RN, Sarah Keen-RN, Robert Codding-RN, Tripp Alexander-RN, Kelly McCallum-ED Secretary, Kristy Fordham-CT Tech, and Christy Shurley-CT Tech. Excellent Work!!! –Kristen Ankrom, Stroke Coordinator
  • I CANNOT thank you enough for our gigantic team effort in putting on a FABULOUS Easter Egg Hunt!!  I thought it was very successful and all thanks to you.  Sheldon, please thank your wife from us for face painting.  William, please thank EVS for putting out tables, chairs and helping with the pop ups.  Kristen, please thank Scott for all of his assist in staking everything in the ground!  Thank you Charlotte, April, Bridget, Priscilla, Louise, Andrew and Elaina for setting up and running stations.  Thank you to Ms. Diane, Jennifer and Danny for running the food line.  Extra shout out to Ms. Clara and her staff for beautiful food and a smoothly run line!  Thank you to Ivey, Karla, Lisa and Jessica for running the egg exchange station.  Special thanks to all of those (Priscilla, Andrew, Danny, etc. ) for staking out and putting out all those eggs for the hunts.  The kids absolutely adored those hunts.  They were a huge success.   I know I have forgotten some folks cause I ran all over the place trying to help and get things ready, so I am sorry if you are not on this email.  I did not have some of your emails either, so thank you to Ivy Benson! Our EAG is very proud to have worked with Northside on this wonderful event for our own families and hope to continue this relationship!  Ya’ll rock and so does my EAG!  Thank you, thank you!!   – Carol Radney

Steve Daugherty - CNH