Lego RELAY Competition Registration!

Lego Batman2

Ready to DOMINATE our National Hospital Week “Lego Relay Competition” with your department’s team?! REGISTER HERE! All you need is a team of 4 members (with some serious lego skillz).

  • AT CMC: Thursday, May 11, at noon in the CMC Cafeteria
  • AT CNH: Tuesday, May 9 at noon in the CNH Cafeteria

We bring the legos, you bring your skills! Only catch?? This is a RELAY competition!

Each team member will have 5 minutes to work on the structure/creation before tagging their next team mate to jump in. At the end of 20 minutes (5 minutes per team member), TIME’S UP, and we’ll judge the winner! Winning department gets a Chick-fil-A meal…so bring your A-Game! MUST Register in advance.