Steve’s Weekly Wrap-Up (June 9, 2017)

Casey Bullard memory cards_newThis week the OR staff at CMC said goodbye, unexpectedly, to their colleague Casey Bullard. I want to thank our Chaplain, Franchetta, Dr. Grant and others who helped Deb and her team cope with this devastating loss. It is difficulties like this that really reveal the relationships and strength of a team. It was evident to everyone that the OR is a team that not only provides a safe and caring environment for our patients but also for each other. While this will take some time for each person to come to terms with, please know that your CHS family has you in our prayers and Casey would be proud of how you came together to support each other. Godspeed, Casey.

Employee Engagement Survey_article 1 imageAs we come to the end of our employee survey, I want to thank everyone who took the time to provide feedback on what we are doing well at each facility and where we can do better. As of Thursday, CNH had 81% of the staff participate and CMC had 73%. Friday is the final opportunity for you to help us make CHS the best place to work and care for patients by providing your unique perspective. We should have the results within the next 6 weeks to begin sharing with you and forming action plans to highlight the areas you identified as positives and opportunities. Thanks again for your participation.

survey2Thank you to the staff of CMC who participated in our Quality Review Survey the week of May 22nd. This internal HCA survey helps improve the quality of care we deliver to our patients. We had 9 areas that were considered critical findings and required immediate action and education. We have already put actions into place or fixed these areas and will now monitor for ongoing compliance. We will be reviewing the full survey results with your Directors next Tuesday with the expectation they review these with you afterward. We will also present this report to the MEC and Board of Trustees. I hope that you will engage in the process to help us fix areas where we need to improve processes and the care of our patients. Thanks to the Quality team led by Karen Henneberry for preparing us for this survey and helping put together the plan of correction.

mobile CT UnitThe first of several projects are underway or near completion at both hospitals this week. The CMC surgeons’ lounge in the OR is nearing completion and looks great! The new 64-slice CT project at CNH has begun and should be complete by the end of July. We have a mobile CT unit during the construction. The gift shop, infusion center and dialysis move is underway at CMC. The gift shop has been downsized and moved to the front lobby, the infusion center is being moved into the “old” gift shop space and dialysis will move out of the ICU B space to the 5th floor in the current infusion space. All to make room for more critical care beds for our growing tertiary programs.




  • I would like to recognize Anthony Poole, Central Sterile Reprocessing.  Anthony goes above and beyond!  You can truly tell that he takes pride in, and loves his job.  He is the living model of CARES. – Brandi Jones, Director of Infection Control – CMC
  • CCBH implemented purposeful hourly rounding on May 31.  Gina Herring, RN and Marie Thomas, MHT were CCBH’s  hourly rounding champions!  They were both instrumental in the process redesign and worked hard to ensure an effective and efficient process.  A special thank you to Gina and Marie for their dedication to patient safety and customer service! – Aleshia Greene, Director of Nursing – CCBH
  • Tawnie Campbell, our Trauma Registrar, completed the American Trauma Society Trauma Registry Course in Baltimore Maryland. This is a requirement for the Trauma Registrar to complete by the American College of Surgeons in preparation of our Hospital pursuing Trauma Designation. Congratulations Tawnie! – Jill Brown, Director of Trauma
  • Joy Giles, RN and Betty Moss, LPN received Kudos from Dr. Carter for well written nurse’s notes!  Thank you Joy and Betty for excellent documentation! – Aleshia Greene, Director of Nursing – CCBH
  • Shout out to Coliseum lab staff for handling almost 30% (28.5) increase in volume with minimal increase in staff due to vacancies and FMLA. – Redonna Bunch, Director of Clinical Laboratory Services
  • Quin Trawick, MHT successfully redirected a BH patient off of an unattended, open elevator and kept him safe!  Thank you Quin for putting the patient first. – Aleshia Greene, Director of Nursing – CCBH
  • Alyson Cozart and Don Tillman, -Thank you so much for all of the hard work that went into setting up and hosting Barbara Lattimore and her colleagues from the Guard today. Each of you represented Coliseum remarkably and I am so very proud to be on this team and of the work we do here! Awesome team! -Jessica Hatcher, LPC, Assistant Vice President -Coliseum Center for Behavioral Health
  • Ms. O.’s mother called today to let us know how impressed she is with our Outpatient Program.  She said that her other daughter attended family day this week and was also very impressed.  She said that years ago M. was admitted to the Medical Center and it wasn’t a good experience.  She wanted to thank everyone for what they are doing. – Sherri Thigpin, CCBH



  • “Received a call from D. M. last week, a patient seen in the ER the night before but who also had surgery here back in April. He wanted to let me know that he had worked at CMC for 20 years and that this was the most pleasant experience he had ever had. He went on the say he could not have asked for better care when he had his surgery in April. When he arrived in the ER, he was greeted by Dr. Pham, whom he has known forever. The patient extended his hand to shake Dr. Pham’s and felt a bit awkward when Dr. Pham didn’t reach out in return but he immediately pulled him close and gave the patient a big hug, at the same time telling him what a pleasure it was to see him again. He went on the say he had nothing to complain about whatsoever.  Great job!”  –  Pat D’Errico, COO/CNO
  • “To the 2nd Floor Staff at CNH:  Everyone went out of their way and was as nice to me as they could be.  They checked on me frequently and made it a pleasant stay.”  Patient – L.Y.
  • “I want to thank Terri Jones so much for all you have done for me.  You always go extra and beyond to take care of me.  Ms. Terri, you give 100% and more to make me happy and feel better.  I really appreciate you and all you do.  You are my favorite nurse and I was every nurse was just like you.  Thanks so much for all you do!”  Patient – K. S.
  • Jamie Hatton (HHS) not only takes her time cleaning the room, but she takes time to care for patients and their families.  She is awesome!”  Patient – D. P.

Steve Daugherty - CNH