Steve’s Weekly Wrap-Up (June 16, 2017)

Above all else, we are committed to the care and improvement of human life.

fathers-dayI want to wish all of our fathers a Happy Father’s Day. While my father is no longer with us, I continue to draw upon advice he gave me over the years as well as the values he raised me and my siblings to follow. He made a lot of sacrifices so that I could be the first in our family to attend college. Sometimes that meant 2 jobs and missed family father-in-lawevents to make sure I had the opportunities that he wanted for me. So when I think I am having a bad day or stressed about my job and workload, I think of those sacrifices he made and it puts things in perspective quickly. I hope that you will have the opportunity spend time with your father and honor him. If, like me, your father is longer on this earth, spend some time with family celebrating those things that made your Dad special. I am so fortunate to be able see my kids graduate from college and now follow their passions because of what my Dad did to transform our family. So this Sunday, I will remember my Dad and his nicknames given by those who loved him and cherished his friendship – Dad, Big Bill, and Grandpa.

Community-InvestmentThis week, the Executives from both hospitals met with the State Bank & Trust executives to provide an update on our investments in the community and our hospitals. We were able to share economic impact on our community, show the investments were are making to improve the health of our community and connect that back to our Mission, Vision and Values. They were impressed by the work you are doing and the care you provide to our community. It was our pleasure as an executive team to represent the great work you are doing on behalf of our patients and our community.

hurricane_matthew-1475496509-8687Hurricane season is officially here! We received notice of the first disturbance in the Caribbean. What this usually means for middle Georgia is heavy rain, flooding and maybe some tornadoes. We also need to be ready to provide for an influx of patients from the hospitals on the coast that may need to evacuate or order extra supplies due to transportation hubs being blocked. Please review your departmental plans and personal plans in the event that we are impacted this summer and fall.

dresscodeI want to remind everyone of our dress code and being respectful of our patients by following it. T-shirts are not part of the dress code, even hospital t-shirts unless approved for special days/celebrations. There are no exceptions to the dress code for nights or weekends. If you are on-call, you are expected to be in uniform if called in as well. You uniform helps identify you as a hospital employee along with your ID badge. It sets a level of professionalism that gives our patients confidence in your skills and it is a sign of respect for your profession and department. Please review this with your director if you have any questions.

strokeThis week at CMC we celebrated for the 8th year Gold Plus performance on our stroke measures by the American Stroke Association. I want to thank you all for working as a team to provide the very best care for those patients presenting to our facility with this life changing and debilitating health event. Because of your efforts and team work, we have, in some cases, been able to erase the deficits created by stroke and, in other cases, diminished the deficits by your evidence-based approach and urgency to provide treatment. Congratulations on this achievement, and thanks to Kristen Ankrom for leading this patient care initiative and best wished as you share your knowledge company-wide in Nashville.




  • “I just wanted to take the time to let you know of a couple of great experiences I have had recently with Coliseum Northside.   Working on Med 1 from Houston County EMS, we received exceptional service from all of the staff on our last two visits at Northside.  Being in EMS, I have experienced most all of the Emergency Rooms in the Middle Georgia area and beyond. I have to say, taking a patient to  Coliseum Northside in the past, was usually and experience that included a static filled radio reception, unhappy faces when you walked in (if you could remember the code) and then you kind of fended for yourself if you wanted to find a face sheet or help with anything. I can’t say this was always the employees but it just  seemed the staff had little help, were under appreciated, and were required to be a “Jack of all trades”.  I was so impressed with the extra staffing and mostly the great reception at the door by Jessica and Ivory. Even though, during one of our visits, they had patients on the wall beds and obviously had their hands full, they helped us time stamp the paperwork, directed us to which room or wall bed we would be going to, as well as where we could pick up our face sheet when we were ready. Transfer of care was just as smooth and receiving staff listened to a full report and then proceeded with their own care and assessment as opposed to talking over what we may have had to say.  I have told many of my peers about these recent experiences and will continue to spread the word that Coliseum Northside has stepped up their game. I cannot express enough the importance of great customer service and the impression it makes goes a long way. When you take the time to make your employees happy, it shows and that has a trickle down effect and it’s contagious. It truly makes a difference. Thanks for all you do! From the EMS room to the great customer service and transfer of care, your professionalism is noticed and appreciated Coliseum Northside!” –  Adair Avera (Paramedic, Houston Healthcare)


  • Angie Eubanks on the 2nd floor gave me exceptional care.  She had a caring spirit and a lot of knowledge.  Angie was well organized with an inviting personality and was cheerful but showed sympathy as well.  She also made my hubby laugh.  Very grateful to Angie for making my stay at Coliseum Northside a better one.  Thanks again!”  Patient L.W.


  • Elaine Vaughn was super, fast, friendly and offered courteous service.  I felt welcomed and was at ease with Elaine.  Nice considering I’m registering for surgery.  Great job!”  Patient – K.W.


  • “My nurse showed me kindness and understanding.  She did not get upset with me and had the best bedside manner.  She constantly smiles and makes you feel better when she is in the room.”  Patient – D.P.


  • “We want to thank the Staff at this hospital. We received outstanding service. The Staff was so nice, helpful and easy to talk too. We will be visiting this facility if we have anymore injuries at our church camp in the future. But also for our personnel use as well!!! I would rate this hospital a 5. Based on cleanliness, punctuality, friendly and the doctors were awesome!” Patient – L. T.



  • I’d like to recognize Kim Bowden for her expertise in Medical Staff privileging and staff categories.  We have made some good progress and it was noticed during our recent QRS Survey.  Our QRS Surveyors recognized the progress Kim has made in multiple areas in Medical Staff Services.  – Karen Henneberry, VP Quality – Coliseum Medical Centers


  • Louise Truitt and her staff have worked hard to develop increasing standardization in our HR processes.  The progress we’ve made in Human Resources was acknowledged by our QRS Team.  – Karen Henneberry, VP Quality – Coliseum Medical Centers


  • A patient who was here at CMC in room 340 about 2 weeks ago called this morning to tell me that her nurse, Yvesa Croom and her tech, Lolita Hughs gave her wonderful care.  The way that they took care of her showed that they both love their jobs.  She would not be doing as well as she is if they had not given her such great care.  She wanted to be sure that they were recognized for the wonderful care they both gave. – Cindy Seredick, Nursing Adminisration


  • Talk about commitment to the care and improvement of human life! The ED team and Behavioral Health team worked beautifully together to assist a distraught patient and family in the ED parking lot. Kudos to BH team members Candi and Sarah who spent a lot of time at the car in the parking lot with the patient and her daughter, Latrice, Kara, and Carolyn who worked diligently on the phone with the referring physician and the ED to obtain required documentation, Sandra who coordinated and provided support to both teams and ED team members Wendy and Willie who assisted in getting the patient safely in the ED for care.  Great teamwork! Coliseum CARES! – Jessica Hatcher, Assistant Vice President -Coliseum Center for Behavioral Health


  • My brother-in-law has been the recipient of some excellent Coliseum care for the last 6 days.  He came in for a heart cath and is now recovering from open heart surgery.  My family has been very complimentary of the care they have received throughout their stay from every department.  However, one particular employee really stood out.  Dorothy White was pulled from the 5th floor over the weekend to work on 3 West and had my brother-in-law as one of her patients.  She was not assigned as his tech on Sunday night, however on her way home Monday AM, she took the time to go by his room and pray with the family before he was taken to surgery.  My sister stated that this really touched her as going above and beyond and gave her a great sense of peace that everything was going to be alright.  He was the last CABG case on Monday and returned from surgery around 5:40 PM.  He was extubated around 9:00 PM and was the first patient moved out of CVICU Tuesday AM around 9:00 AM.   He is now doing great on 4 East, thanks to an amazing God and excellent care by competent, committed, compassionate physicians and nursing staff!! – Penny Ward, Director of Throughput


Steve Daugherty - CNH

Stephen J Daugherty

Chief Executive Officer

Coliseum Medical Centers