Steve’s Weekly Wrap-Up (September 1, 2017)



I am sure many of you, like me, have been watching the devastation of entire communities in Texas and now Louisiana by Hurricane Harvey. HCA has a high concentration of hospitals in the Gulf coast, many of which have been impacted and some evacuated. Thousands of our colleagues have been impacted and will need help long after the flood waters recede.

The Hope Fund is receiving increased requests from the staff of these impacted areas. Your generous donations to the Hope Fund are a great way to support our extended family in the path of Harvey as they recover from this event.  HCA is also mobilizing teams to provide relief for those who have been on the front lines of this disaster, and are establishing on-the-ground response teams in the region to provide direct help to those most in need.

Our HR team also has organized a PTO donation process for eligible employees.  To participate in any of these efforts and to see other ways you can help, please visit the “How You Can Help” page on Atlas for full details. I am a proud to see our commitment to our Mission: “Above all else, we are committed to the care and improvement of human life,” demonstrated in such a profound way.

rained out

I am sorry about the cancellation of the tailgate party prior to the Mercer football game yesterday. We tried to outguess mother nature and lost! We were most concerned about your safety if there was a thunderstorm and lightening associated with any rain. I hope many of you were still able to attend the game with the free tickets offered to our staff. The Bears started off the season with a big 48-7 victory over Jacksonville! Go Bears! We will try to arrange another tailgate later in the season.

survey2We have received and reviewed the results of the Employee Survey with the directors of both hospitals. By now you should have had several opportunities to review your department-specific results with your director and began the action planning phase to identify specific areas to address areas that need improvement and celebrate the positives as well. CMC had an Engagement index of 67% while CNH was at 79%. The HCA average engagement index was 73%. This score was based off of 4 questions on the survey those being: 1. Overall, I am extremely satisfied with the facility as a place to work. 2. I would recommend this facility as a great place to work. 3. I rarely think about looking for a new job with another company. 4. I am proud to be working for my company. Thanks for your feedback and participation in the survey. We will work diligently with you to continue to look for ways to improve the work environment so that you can do your very best work for our patients.

We have several projects underway at both hospitals. The installation of the first Cath lab at CMC is nearing completion. Once this lab is complete we will begin the second lab installation in late September. The new interventional suite at CNH is moving quickly now that the new steel for the roof line expansion is up. This project is scheduled for completion in late December or early January. The ED expansion projects at both campuses are well underway with the search for subcontractors taking place this week. Our general contractor, Batson-Cook sent invitations to local and minority-owned businesses to participate in this project helping us fulfill our commitment to the community and its businesses that support us. The infusion center and dialysis moves are now complete and we have made 6 additional critical care beds available at CMC to help with our growing volume. I hope you have an opportunity to see the improvements we have made for our patients. The most recent news is that CNH has received funding for a new daVinci robot for general surgery and urology surgical cases as we continue to market CNH as a high touch, high tech hospital for surgery for North Macon. These are exciting advancements for our hospitals!

Caples Greg_R (2)


Please welcome Greg Caples, CNH’s new CEO, to our team on Tuesday, September 5th! I know that Greg and Pat will continue the growth of CNH and help make our health system stronger as we advance our strategic initiatives at both campuses with a singular goal – To be the health system of choice in middle Georgia.

Last Thursday, after a call from my son in Colorado, I ceased to be the CEO of Coliseum Health System and I became the parent of a seriously injured child. Sean was struck by a car on his bicycle near Longmont, Colorado while training for his next triathlon in Washington D.C.  While he will be off his feet for the next 6-8 weeks with a fractured foot and ankle, lots of road rash and stitches, he was not seriously hurt and will fully recover.  Lynda and I were thousands of miles away and helpless in this situation. We had to trust that the EMS and staff at Longmont United Hospital would be at their very best, focused on identifying and treating his injuries and providing compassionate care for our son. They did just that, and we are grateful for all that they did to assure us he was in the best of care with their medical staff. We also have to thank our sister HCA hospital in Denver, Swedish Medical Center, and Dr. Morgan, head of ortho trauma for the care Sean received after this frightening accident. I share this with you so that you are reminded of all the families separated from patients we treat that are placing all their faith and trust in you to care for their precious family members. What you do for our patients is important and I was reminded of this again last week. Thank you for all the patients that you care for daily and provide the needed care for their comfort and recovery.




“Special recognition needs to go to Joyce Norris for her commitment to her Volunteer work at CNH and making my mother feel welcome at your facility.  Also, all the ER nurses were great.”  Patient – G. R.

“Thank you to all of you in ICU for the compassionate care you showed in nursing my brother throughout his weeks in ICU.  The care you provided to him and the patience you showed the entire family was amazing.  My brother still has a long hard road ahead of him but I’ll always remember your roles in making that even possible.  Your dedication to your professional (calling) shows God’s blessings on you all.  Sometimes there just aren’t enough words to describe the appreciation.  Thank you so much!”  Patient – R. M.

Karen Morales (PACU) went above and beyond keeping me comfortable in PACU and even loaned me her personal fan to use post-op in my room.  She even brought up fresh batteries to keep it going.  She is a great employee and you are very lucky to have her’.  Patient – J. H.

“I would like to recognize some staff members that made my stay at Coliseum Northside exceptional.  Samantha Smith was my day shift nurse 1st day post op and she was awesome.  She was so helpful helping me with my nausea and vomiting and doing everything she could to keep it under control.  Salathiel Gorley was a great assistant, very kind and friendly.  Talsha Sanders was so very helpful with my discharge process.  Austin Guinn was very knowledgeable and gave great tips for ambulation and stair walking.  Lindsay Fernandez has great IV skills!  Joyce Smith at the front desk is a great asset – she certainly knows this place.  You have a wonderful staff here that made my stay as pleasant as it could be!  Thanks again!”  Patient – J. H.

Teresa was caring and concerned.  She worked to keep as happy and satisfied.  She is an excellent addition to the hospital staff.  Want to thank her for her friendly/loving attitude.”  Patient – C. P.

Vincent Hubbard was thorough & efficient.  He explains everything for complete patient understanding and always asks if further clarification is needed.  He will be a great nurse when his training is competed.  Thank you Vincent for making me feel at ease and comfortable.”  Patient – T. P.

Jessica Stacks is a SUPER nurse.  Her bedside manner is fantabulous!  She made us feel comfortable and worked above and beyond to keep my husband that way.  She exhibited extreme care and concern for patients!  Thank you Jessica for giving of yourself above and beyond.”  Patient’s wife – C. P.


Dr. Bob Wright was bragging about the care end-of-life patients have been receiving on 5 West. Several patients have commented to him about the wonderful care their loved ones have received. He also commented on the care and compassion shown by the 5 West staff. Way to go 5 West! – Bridget Denzik, Chief Nursing Officer

Kudos to Lab Staff for the 30% increase in workload over the summer with decreased staffing due to openings, training, and vacations. They have volunteered for extra weekends and worked with less people leaving many hours on the table with an already difficult target to meet. – Redonna Bunch, Director of Laboratory

July PCP capture rate for ALL admits are 77.20% – We ranked 2nd in the division behind Fairview @ 82%. Thank you for your efforts on this, greatly appreciated! – Jennifer Sanders, Director, Patient Access

Please congratulate Ashley Lewis, Respiratory Therapist, on the birth of her new daughter on 8/22. – Candi Ussery, Director Respiratory and Neurodiagnostics.

I received a call from a former patient.  She wanted to be sure that I would let you know what great care she received while she was a patient on 5 East.  Listed below are the nurses that she mentioned:

  • Ms. Laura Seem, RN night shift was so caring
  • Sonya Davis, RN night shift gave her excellent care
  • Catherine Braley, RN day shift  was so sweet and wanted to help her with everything
  • Rebecca Justice, RN day shift came in every morning to check on her and to be sure she didn’t need anything.
  • All the CNAs were good.

If she has to come to the hospital again it will be Coliseum. – Cindy Seredick, Administrative Assistant – Nursing

I received this note from a former patient:  I wanted to send you this email to let you know just how well Coliseum Healthcare is doing with patient care.  Friday night, I presented in the emergency room having a severe gall bladder attack (I knew that’s what it was because I had been seen at an urgent care earlier Friday afternoon).  The wait was rather long only because apparently the MCCG was full and all ambulances were re-routing patients to Coliseum.  The ER staff handled all of this with patience and could not have been more accommodating.  They went ahead and had a sonogram done while I was waiting.  When I finally got back to an exam room, my nurse there was absolutely amazing (sorry, I can’t remember her name).  She was very attentive and took extra care not to hurt me anymore than I was already hurting.  The ER doctor let me know that the gall bladder had to come out and I was admitted. Saturday I had the surgery and Sunday I went home.  The surgical staff and the nursing staff on the 3rd floor were incredible.  I had a nurse named Patricia and at night my nurse was Billy (sorry, didn’t get last names).  The techs were also great.  I have to admit I don’t “do” needles and hospitals well, but they were so kind that I never felt stressed or felt afraid (for me that’s something). I wish I had written down the names of the people that worked with me, but all I know is their first names.  I thought it important for you all to know just how wonderful your staff truly is.  They made a horrible situation for me seem manageable.  They made me laugh and kept me calm.  I have always used Coliseum Hospital and I will continue.  You have a top notch crew!!! – Kathy Armstrong , Executive Assistant, Administration

Shout out this week to Sarah Haddock, PharmD, BSPS, who continues to set the tone for Pharmaceutical Excellence at CMC. Sarah was asked by Dr. Fig and the Behavioral Health team to develop a course for Behavioral Health inpatients on how to get involved in their own medication management.  Having absolutely no idea as to what to expect, she found the patients to be highly engaged and receptive to her first 30-minute class . . . which lasted 45 minutes.  She created a slide show presentation covering basic groups of medications normally seen in a behavioral health environment, and then challenged the patients to ask questions, know everything about their own medications, and be compliant with their drug regimens.  Sarah has put a lot of work into this class, which she’s been asked to do every week . . . for 45 minutes.  Her first class had 15-20 patients.  – Allen Almquist, Director of Pharmacy.

Thanks to everyone contributing to our Mission!

Steve Daugherty - CNH