Hurricane Irma Update I (9/10, 3:30PM)

Thanks for your patience while we closely monitor Hurricane Irma and the impact it is having across the state of Florida and eventually here in central Georgia. The latest information we have is projecting tropical storm force winds to being sometime early Monday at 7:00am. We do not expect any widespread flooding although low areas that typically accumulate water during heavy thunderstorms should be avoided. As you know this is a dynamic situation and changes may occur that cause us to reassess  our plans based on the path of the storm and associated wind and rain. Our primary concern is for your safety and security during this event. Thanks you for your commitment before, during and after this event. It is times like this that we show our professionalism, teamwork and value to the community we serve. I am proud to work with the dedicated team we have across the health system.

Here is some important information as we move closer to this event:

We have set up an emergency preparedness phone line to provide you the most current information. Please call this line first for updates on A/B team activation times, facility updates or any other information regarding our plan to manage this weather event. You may call this number 24/7 at 478-751-0216.

We will activate our A/B teams at 5:00 am on Monday September 11th and you will be notified by your Director. Please stay by the phone that we have for you as your emergency contact number. Please take extra caution while traveling during this weather. A team members please plan to arrive, park and check-in in enough time to begin your shift at 5:00am. Team B will be activated if necessary once the storm has passed and it is safe to travel.

We request that all A Team members, regardless of your department or building, report through the main entrance of the hospital to sign-in.

We have cancelled all elective surgeries for Monday and will focus all of our efforts on the patients we have in the hospital now and that we receive throughout this event. We have not made any determination about Tuesday operations as of this time.

We have plenty of food, water, supplies and back-up power for the duration of this weather event to support you, our patients and physicians.

We are making arrangements for child day care and pets for staff that have no other options and are essential staff on the A team roster only. Please make every effort to find safe shelter for your family in locations other than the hospital when possible. Again, our efforts will be directed at caring for the patients in our hospital. For those who do bring children, pets or other family members you are responsible for their needs (snacks, medication, bedding, entertainment) when you are not working. All family members will be asked to stay in the designated areas and not roam through the hospital. Please note these will be camping like conditions. Beds/cots will be reserved for A team members and physicians when available. All others should bring sleeping bags, pads/air mattress to sleep on the floor.

Again, our primary concern is your safety. Thanks for your commitment to the care of our patients.



Stephen J Daugherty

Chief Executive Officer

Coliseum Health System