Steve’s Weekly Wrap-Up (September 29, 2017)

Above all else, we are committed to the care and improvement of human life.

hello autumnFall has arrived, and we are closing out September and the 3rd quarter of our year with strong volumes across both campuses – exceeding last year with the number of surgical cases, admissions and ED visits. All positive signs of our community’s trust in the care we are providing and our medical staff bringing their patients to our hospitals. We are, however, only as good as our last patient interaction, and the care provided from the time they enter our hospitals until they are discharged. We have to come to work every day with our mission at the top of mind and see with fresh eyes the environment we are creating for our patients. Every staff member has a role and accountability in commitment to our mission statement. Thanks for a great month of caring and compassion representing the very best care in Macon.

Employee Engagement Survey_article 1 imageToday is the deadline for your Directors to upload the employee survey action plan they developed with you over the last several weeks. We will begin the updating and monitoring phase now to be sure that we not only have heard your suggestions for making our hospitals better, but also to execute the actionable items with you to improve the care for our patients and your work environment. We are looking to create with you an environment where you thrive as caregivers, not just survive. Thanks for helping build these plans and thank in advance for helping execute the items on those plans.

united wayToday is the official final day for our United Way campaign, although you can contribute anytime, should you change your mind or the amount in the future. There is one final “Pie in the Face” event next week (I am personally pulling for Bridget) and hopefully a celebration of hitting our goal of $65,000 on October 18th. Here are the latest results that I have for our hospitals:



  • Total with match – $44,120.44
  • Total without match – $30,053.90
  • Jean $ – $673.00
  • Number of people contributing – 115
  • Leadership level members with match – 20
  • Leadership level members without match – 4



  • Total with match – $18,762.38
  • Total without match – $12,345.20
  • Jean $ – $30
  • Number of people contributing – 47
  • Leadership level members with match – 8
  • Leadership level members without match – 2

*Grand Total with Matching – $63,885.82*


As you can see, your HCA benefit of matching dollars amplifies your giving impact. Thanks for your generosity and helping extend our mission beyond the walls of our hospitals. Special recognition to CNH for exceeding their goal and our 28 Leadership givers ( donations of $1,000 or more)!


architectNext week, we begin the installation of the second cath lab at CMC. This equipment allows us to provide safer care to our patients by delivering less radiation during these procedures and better images for the cardiologists. The lead was delivered for the interventional radiology suite at CNH this week. This project is moving on schedule with a completion date of just after the 1st ofrobot_11 January. The new daVinci robot was delivered to CNH as well, which will help grow surgical volumes in general surgery and urology. The first case should be scheduled sometime in late October or early November. The ED expansion begins at CMC on October the 8th! There will be extensive communication around this project for staff, physicians and the public. Please watch our blog for those updates. CNH begins their ED expansion in December with a projected finish date of May, which comes none too soon to accommodate their ever-growing volumes.

Living Our Mission

We have now completed our last make-up sessions for our Leadership Development Institute for our leaders. This session was on “Living our Mission.” The next class we will be offering will be on Evaluations. Our executive team is going to Charleston on October 25th and 26th to go through the course as well as be trained to provide it here locally. These are valuable courses for our leaders: charge nurses, managers, directors and supervisors to lead our organization to a successful future and assist you in your development as healthcare professionals.

9.05.17_Classic Cruisin

This Saturday from 10:00am – 2:00pm, we are holding a car show and (PSA blood test) prostate screening in the parking lot of building D on the CMC campus. So if you’re a car lover and/or a male or know a male between 50-69 who needs a screening for prostate cancer, come out and join us. I will be there, and I heard a rumor that Dr. Stefanis may be bringing his Ferrari out to the show.

maintenance_plant ops

In response to our patients’ feedback, your input, and our facility rounds, we are putting more resources (EVS and Plant Operations) on repairs/maintenance and deep cleaning at CMC. Please be cooperative when they need to get into rooms or areas that desperately need attention. We know it is disruptive, but you and our patients deserve a clean, well-kept environment. If you see a repair that needs attention, please fill out a work order on our TMA system so our plant operations team can add it to the list.




  • Patrick Howard in food service always takes the time out of his day to make sure I have what I want.  He is great!”  Patient – M. G.


  • Jan Askew is a very sweet and caring person.  She goes above and beyond her duties and has a great personality.  I have found her to be very kind, compassionate and helpful.  Jan always has a pleasant attitude and is willing to do her best daily.  She is a wonderful asset to your hospital.”  Patient – R. B.


  • Teresa (CNA) is the best CNH that I have ever had and was very good to see about me and was very sweet and patient.  Christina (RN) was outstanding at checking on me every 30 minutes.  They both gave me really great care.”  Patient – M. G.


  • Rosemary Henry in Dietary was incredibly friendly to me and I looked forward to her coming in my room every day.  She always told me the truth about the food and was always right.  She always brightened my day.”  Patient – L. N.


  • Christina Ihedigbo & Mary McDaniel were so sweet and took really good care of me.”  Patient – M. G.


  • Teresa Brown has such a good heart.  She treats my mother like she is family.”  Patient – M. W.



  • Jennifer McIntosh completed her Master’s Degree in Respiratory Science from Georgia State University in Atlanta. – Candi Ussery, Director Respiratory and Neurodiagnostics


  • I wanted to compliment Harriett Pryor, Charge Nurse,  on 5 East for her excellent nurse leader rounding skills. Harriett entered a patient room on 5 East and the patient was not feeling well. According to the clinical coordinator, this patient could be quite grumpy. Harriet was able to engage the patient in a warm, friendly way and made a connection. By the time Harriett was finished with her rounding, the patient stated how pleased he was with his care on the 5th floor and he also mentioned several staff in particular (Charles, Dorothy and Jeffie). He went on to say that every person caring for him had treated him like a king. He also mentioned dietary and housekeeping and said what a nice job they too had been doing. Now that’s what I call “Wowing” a patient and great teamwork! – Bridget Denzik, CNO


  • I would like to recognize 3 Registered Nurses on Inpatient Rehab who just passed their rehabilitation nursing certification exam: Christy Hanson, CRRN, Carole McTier, CRRN, Lisa Yelton, CRRN. – Jennifer Brown, Director of Rehabilitation


Stephen J Daugherty

Chief Executive Officer

Coliseum Health System