Greg’s Weekly Update (October 6, 2017)

hedgehog fall

Happy Friday Coliseum Northside Colleagues!  I hope that you have had a great week.  If you are like me, you like the feel of autumn in the air!


It was great this morning to get to celebrate with Donte Perry, our Employee of the Month.  Many people have told me how appreciative they are of Donte for his great attitude and constant willingness to help in any situation.  Congratulations, Donte, and thank you for all you mean to the Coliseum Northside family!

be the one_flyer 1

United Way giving for 2017 has been an amazing success!  Your generosity has helped us bring $20,493 to United Way to help their many local partners over the coming year.  As a system, Coliseum Health has donated $70,692, which is more than 4X last year’s totals.  Thank you for your giving spirit!

On Wednesdays We Wear Pink

Don’t forget that in October we want to keep breast cancer awareness at the forefront, so take advantage of Pink Wednesdays and wear pink.  We also have the Coliseum Trees of Hope on both campuses to help us remember this important cause.

Mission Moment:  One of our longtime patients took the time this week to call administration and tell Amy what a “jewel” we have in Patrick Howard in Food and Nutrition Services.  This particular patient has recently had a stroke and is not eating very well.  She said that Patrick had noticed that her food trays were coming back with very little eaten.  Patrick said to her “I am really worried about you and I want you to try as hard as you can to eat something – and if you don’t want this ham sandwich I will go down and get you whatever it is that you will eat”.  The patient became very emotional telling Amy just how much it meant to her that Patrick cared enough about her to want to help her to get better.  The next time you see Patrick, tell him how much you appreciate how he lives our mission.  While you’re at it – tell everyone on our Food and Nutrition Services team how much you appreciate them!  This is National FNS week, and they constantly strive to take great care of our patients and visitors!

well done

Many times, when communities across the country need to depend on high quality, timely and compassionate health care, they look to HCA hospitals and staff to care for them.  This has happened countless times when communities have faced natural heart-in-handsdisasters such as hurricanes, floods and tornadoes, or other events that impact a community.  I know that you have all been keeping up with the news surrounding the terrible acts of violence in Las Vegas this week.  Our Chairman and CEO Milton Johnson communicated on Wednesday about the incredible response of our HCA facilities in Las Vegas to this terrible and tragic event.  In particular, Sunrise Hospital, the closest Trauma Center to the event, cared for approximately 200 victims of the shooting.  These are the moments that remind us how important it is to always remain ready to step up to the challenges of caring for our communities.  Thank you for what you do every day in living our mission!


Greg’s Football Challenge WEEK 2

Week 6 of College Football is here, and this week I will go up against Sheldon Mattox.  We won’t talk about it, but I will have to admit that last week I was defeated by Amy Stokes.  That’s right, I’ll never hear the end of it.  Congrats, Amy!

This is a great week for conference games across the country.  Here are this week’s picks:

  • Georgia @ Vanderbilt – My pick is the Bulldogs, of course!  Sheldon picks Georgia as well.
  • Alabama @ Texas A&M – I pick Alabama, and Sheldon picks Alabama.  Alabama’s path remains pretty favorable to them.
  • Arkansas @ South Carolina – I pick South Carolina, and Sheldon picks Arkansas.  I agree this game could be a close call.
  • Ole Miss @ Auburn – I pick Auburn, and Sheldon picks Auburn.  Auburn is looking really good – they may be underrated right now.
  • LSU @ Florida – I pick Florida, and Sheldon picks Florida.  Both teams are struggling, but Florida gets the edge in The Swamp.
  • Missouri @ Kentucky – I pick Kentucky and Sheldon picks Kentucky.  Kentucky is a good team getting better.
  • Miami @ FSU – I pick Miami, and Sheldon picks Miami.  As a Mark Richt fan, I’d like to see him continue to be successful.
  • Michigan State @ Michigan – I pick Michigan and Sheldon picks Michigan State.  This is a good rivalry and could be close.  I generally favor the home team.
  • And for the tie-breaker, I say West Virginia 17, TCU 31.  Sheldon says West Virginia 28, TCU 44.


Have a great weekend!