Steve’s Weekly Wrap-Up (November 3, 2017)


leapfroggroupThe Leapfrog Group has released its fall letter grade scores and CMC improved one letter grade from a C to B!! We missed an A by just a few points and if we stay consistent with our culture of safety and continue to improve our patient experience scores we can get to A by the next measurement period in the spring. CNH slipped a bit from A to C on a technical issue with a data upload. I know they will have that back on track in the spring when we will both be rated an A! It takes the entire team to make these improvements to patient care; every interaction and how we deliver care makes a difference from housekeeping to nursing. Keep up the great work.

daylight savings time

Daylight Saving Time ends this Sunday, November 5, 2017 and at 2AM, clocks are turned back 1 hour. Sunrise and sunset will be about 1 hour earlier on Nov 5, 2017 than the day before. There will be more light in the morning. Our time clocks and Kronos approvers will account for this time change on your time record. Any device in the facility that has a timer will need to be reset. The Biomed team will be here to perform time changes on all defibrillators, anesthesia machines, EKG carts and the monitoring systems around the hospital at 2AM on Sunday. Don’t forget!

benefitsIt’s time for our 2018 benefit enrollment. Enrollment is open NOW through 11/14/17. Thanks to our Human Resource team for the benefit fairs held at both hospitals this week. You must submit your tobacco status every year. The status of your tobacco usage does not carry over year to year. You must complete the Nicotine-Use Affidavit to receive the $650 nicotine-free discount on medical coverage in 2018.  You must enroll to participate in a Flexible Spending Account. You must enroll in the Health Care or Day Care Flexible Spending Account (FSA) every year to participate. Your participation will not automatically continue in 2018. Have your dependent information ready. If you are adding a dependent to your coverage, you need your dependent’s full legal name, date of birth and Social Security number. You’ll also be required to submit documentation to verify eligibility, such as a birth certificate or marriage license. There were modest changes to the plans this year, and the hospital health insurance is still a very good value in an insurance market where premiums are increasing at double digit rates. HCA pays a significant portion of our health insurance making it more affordable than if you bought it on the health exchange or free market.

parkingThanks for everyone’s cooperation with parking in the Centreplex parking lot during the day and evening hours. This allows our patients and visitors easy access to our services consistent with our mission: The care and improvement of human life. I am enjoying the walk up the hill on these cool mornings and the last few minutes of the beautiful Georgia morning before entering the hospital for the day. While disruptive to our routines, the emergency department expansion will have a profound impact on our ability to expand the number of patients we can care for in a safe, secure and up to date environment. Thanks for your patience as we work through this project!

employee stock purchase planHCA is the largest and most successful hospital corporation in North America and Coliseum Health System is a piece of that success with the high quality care you provide every day.
You can share in that success by enrolling in the Employee Stock Purchase Plan. The Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP) allows you to set aside a small amount of each paycheck, on an after-tax basis, to purchase shares of HCA stock at a discount. The current enrollment period is Nov. 1-15. To enroll for the first time or change your contribution, log on to during the enrollment period and click on ESPP.

well done

Health System Recognition:


  • This is from one of the crew members from Community Ambulance- Hey, I want to give a HUGE shout out to CNA Obi. She’s on the 5th floor at CMC today. She has showed great compassion for the pts that we’ve picked up today. Treating them like family. She also said they pulled her from the rehab floor to work the low end of the 5th. It makes me happy to see someone who doesn’t know these people at all and watch her treat them with love and respect. I just thought she deserved a little appreciation. – Liana Rogers, EMS Coordinator


  • Lewis (Simmons) –   The Marketing Department (Jennifer, Lindsey and Robin) thanks you for the bottom of our hearts for your hard work, quick actions and wonderful (and patient) response in our time of crisis at the Pediatric ER Safety Fair and S’Mores event this past weekend!  We are so grateful for your partnership and your willingness to do whatever it takes.  Thank you also for bringing your son, KeShaun.  He was a great help!! Thank you! – Robin, Jennifer and Lindsey


  • The CMC lab staff reached out to the young widow of one of our couriers who died unexpectedly last week.  Even though he is a vendor, Coliseum lab showed tremendous support of this family. – Redonna Bunch, Director of Clinical Laboratory Services


  • Steven (Derrick) YOU saved the day!!!!!!  Thank you so very much for quickly jumping in Saturday and rescuing us when our s’mores plan was heading south.  We are truly grateful that you were there to help us on Saturday and then could step in when we had a moment of crisis.  Thank you for your partnership on this event (and all our events) and for your patient and quick response!   – Robin



  • Bill has been taking good care of me and keeping me in a good mood.  When he is here, I forget I’m sick.”  Patient – M.S.


  • “When my dad was here recently for an ED visit and subsequent admission, we couldn’t have asked for better care.  The following people went above and beyond to help us and I couldn’t be more grateful to Michael Dykes, Cabel Dupree, Wayne Thompson, Jeff Sissel, Darcell Clayton, Kim Edwards, Jamie Killingsworth and especially Kim Freeman for all of her help getting him in a rehab facility.  I am sure somewhere along the way I have forgotten someone, but each and every person he encountered went to great lengths to make certain he was well taken care of in a courteous and professional manner.  Northside is family to me and certainly felt like family to him too on our recent hospital stay.  Thanks to the Coliseum Northside Team for always being there to care for my friends and family, it is a comfort to know I can always count on you!  Employee – Amy Stokes


  • Erica Bonner scrubbed this room and sanitized everything.  Then she went to the bathroom and went to great lengths to make sure it was super clean.  She is really excellent at her job!”  Patient – M. B.


  • Terri Jones has been wonderful!  Really everybody has been wonderful!”  Patient –  P. J.


  • Elaine Vaughn has an excellent spirit.  I was nervous, late and irritated upon my arrival and she calmed me down with her smiles & kindness.  Very thankful for her presence!”  Patient – G. M.


  • Angie Eubanks deserves an A+!  She is just great!”  Patient –  P. M.

Great work!

Steve Daugherty - CNH