Greg’s Weekly Update (November 10, 2017)

Happy Friday Coliseum Northside Team!

charlie brown leaves

A gradeThis has been a great week to be at CNH – as I spend time throughout the facility I continue to meet new people that I haven’t met before and hear from them why they are at CNH.  Here is a great example – I had met and spoken with Deborah Kyles in Food and Nutrition Services previously, but she attended this week’s employee birthday party and shared with us a part of her story.  Deborah recently took the Servsafe exam which is a food and beverage safety training certification program administered by the National Restaurant Association.  Deborah was the top student in her class with a very rare score of 96 on the certification exam!  She was beaming with pride as she told us how important it was for her to be the best at what she does for our patients, employees and visitors.  Thank you, Deborah, for your dedication and for sharing with us your “Why”!

American College of Emergency Physicians

Congratulations to our own Dr. John Rogers, co-chairman of the Emergency Department for his election as President-elect of the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP)! This is a tremendous honor to have one of our medical staff leaders also leading his specialty’s national organization.  Dr. Rogers has been serving in leadership positions in Emergency Medicine for many years, including being on ACEP’s board since 2011.  We are proud of you, Dr. Rogers!

caring hands

The daughter of a recent patient at CNH gave our team glowing praise about her mother’s care.  In recognizing the challenges faced by hospital caregivers each day, she said that “we (Coliseum Northside physicians and staff) had to be police detectives figuring out what was wrong, do harder manual labor than construction workers and be better at customer service than the top service industries – and do all that while patients are at their worst for lots of reasons.  We have to deal with different personalities and expectations every time we walk 10 feet to a new room.”  This patient’s daughter believes that CNH should be a hospital that teaches other hospitals how to do these things right!  Way to go Coliseum Northside team!

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colbert successIn related news, for the second month in a row, Coliseum Northside scored an amazing 4.9 out of 5.0 on our Patient Favorability Score (PFS) in October.  This is a measure of positive, neutral and negative comments on social media.  Once again, people are saying great things about what you are doing every day!



Benefits Enrollment – don’t forget that Open Enrollment is almost over – sign up by November 14th.

Radiology_We heart our rad techs

This week has been National Medical Staff Services Week as well as National Radiologic Technology Week.  Imagine how difficult it would be for us to function without all of the people who provide us these important services.  Please show your appreciation to our team members.


Greg’s Football Challenge:

What a great time to be a Dawgs fan!  It is exciting to see Georgia continue to perform well as they go through their season.  This week, Josh Shepard will go up against me in the football picks.

  • Georgia @ Auburn – Josh and I both think this game will be close, but we both pick the Dawgs, of course!
  • Alabama @ Mississippi State – Alabama is showing signs of weakness, but I still think they will beat this Western Division rival.  Josh also picks Alabama.
  • Arkansas @ LSU – I think LSU will win and so does Josh.
  • Florida @ South Carolina – I give South Carolina for playing very tough last week against Georgia and I think they will prevail against the Gators who are fading fast.  Josh also picks USC.
  • Kentucky @ Vanderbilt – Kentucky is currently the 2nd place team in the East and I think they will stay there after they handily beat Vanderbilt.  Josh also picks the Wildcats.
  • Notre Dame @ Miami – this is one of the best matchups of the week of two teams on a good run.  I think Notre Dame is better (as do the folks on the Playoff Committee) and I think they will pull out a close win.  Josh also picks Notre Dame
  • TCU @ Oklahoma – Another good match-up in week 11.  For the sake of Steve, I’m going to pick the Sooners.  They have an explosive offense and I think they will win a high scoring game.  Josh, on the other hand, thinks that TCU will win.
  • Michigan State @ Ohio State – I think Ohio State has more talent so I am going to pick them, and Josh does as well.
  • Virginia Tech @ Georgia Tech – This could be close, but I am going to pick the Hokies, and so does Josh.


And for the tie-breaker, Josh is picking Iowa to beat Wisconsin 38-24.  I am picking Wisconsin to win by a score of 21-17.

Have a great weekend!

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