Steve’s Weekly Wrap-Up (November 17, 2017)

thanksgiving pie

First, I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and hope that you have some time to spend with your families next week. I will be taking the week off as my family will be joining Lynda and I here in Macon for the holiday. I want to thank all of you for the hard work you have put in this year and your commitment to our mission. We have teamworkmade much progress in improving the quality and safety of care in our health system and enhanced the patient experience as well. We could not have done it without you commitment to our patients. I want to thank you for accepting me as your leader and hope,  as a pastor said recently, that  I am “SEE”-ing you. Supporting, Enriching and Empowering you to provide the best care possible to our patients every day. I wish you and your families the best as we enter the holiday season.


atelier-robotCongratulations to Coliseum Northside Hospital on the performance of their first daVinci robotic case! This is yet another new high-tech treatment now available in North Macon expanding the services offered by Coliseum Northside Hospital.. My special thanks to the robotics team at CMC for supporting their colleagues at Northside.

joint commissionAs both hospitals stay in a continuous state of readiness for Joint Commission here are some common findings we need your help with:

  • Nothing should be stored within 18 inches of the ceiling.  Many supply rooms and areas have a red line on the wall to help identify the mark from which nothing should be stored above.
  • Hallway clutter must be avoided.  Do not store things in the hallway.  Do not leave equipment, including WOWs, in the hallway; nothing should be left charging in the hallway.
  • Make sure to observe hand hygiene standards – before and after patient care.  Do not wear PPE in the hallway.
  • Proper storage and security of oxygen tanks. Filled and empty cylinders stored in separate holders, tanks on beds or in oxygen holders must be secured with a strap or set screw in the holders.


Coming in December! – We are excited to introduce a new recognition program for our Coliseum Health System team members called Coliseum CARES rewards. This program is designed to recognize you! You can receive points throughout the year for exemplifying our CARES values in the care of our patients. Earn recognition throughout the year with the following: birthday, holiday, Employee of the Month, manager recognition and senior leader recognition to name a few. Use your points online for name brand items and gift cards. Your Directors will be reviewing this program with you over the next 2 weeks.

Holiday Party invites.jpg

CMC Angel Tree directions



  • Please help me congratulate Craig Odum, our Cardiovascular Sarah Cannon Research Institute Coordinator. He recently had a co-authored research article published in the Journal of Surgical Orthopaedic Advances (see attachment). This is a great accomplishment and we are excited to have Craig as a part of our team.  – Kim Mancin


  • Congratulations to Dawn Whittle and Constance Coley, 3 West, for being specifically recognized by their patients during my rounds for the great care you provided to them. – Steve Daugherty


  • Congratulations to Mallory Smith, Physician Provider Relations, on her recent graduation from the Chamber of Commerce’s Leadership Macon Class of 2017! – Steve Daugherty


  • Thank you to Alyson Cozart, Employer Relations, for representing Coliseum Health System as the Leadership Macon Advisory Board President! – Steve Daugherty


  • I received a call from Cindy Seredick in Nursing Admin this morning – she called me because she thought Jessica was not here.  Cindy said she had a patient on the line who needed to make a “very important” complaint.  Cindy had put the patient’s call through to Jessica and it went to voice mail.  The patient was very persistent and told Cindy that he needed to talk to someone – when Cindy called me she said she thought it was very important that she connect him with a real person to talk to because he repeatedly told her he needed to make a complaint and stressed that it was very important.  Cindy transferred the call to me and the following is the complaint that patient communicated. He first asked me to make sure I had a pen and paper and he wanted me to “write these names down”:
    • Counselors Sherry and Brenda
    • Nurses Debra, Diane, and Nakia
    • Techs Trent, Regina, and Rolando
    • Activity Therapists Kaylie and Michelle
    • Doctors Dr. Carter, Dr. Fig, Dr. Wells
    • Dietary Shirley

He said (this is pretty much verbatim):

All these people did such a great job caring for me.  They all helped me a great deal.  They reached me when no one else could.  I have been in jail and I’ve done bad things, it would probably scare you to know.  But they didn’t care about any of that.  They were all the sweetest people.  They left their homes and families every day, they leave their troubles and come in and take care of everyone with just a great big smile.  It was just amazing the way they all treated me.  They do it for everyone, I see how they treat other people too.  I didn’t think anyone could ever help me – I’ve spent a lot of years drinking and doing drugs.  Thanks to all of them, I don’t want to drink anymore and I want to stay clean.  They gave me that.  Activity helped me to learn how to draw – you should see me now!  I love them all with all of my heart, I miss all of them.  I can never thank them enough for my life.  It’s amazing.  It’s just amazing.

I was so moved by his call and his story – I almost forgot to ask him what the complaint was – but he didn’t forget to tell me…his complaint:  they gave me my life and they don’t get paid enough.  He said (paraphrasing) he knows they don’t get paid enough because you can’t put a price on giving someone their life back. I want to recognize everyone on the patient’s list for obviously providing exceptional care for this patient – but I also want to say a special thank you to Cindy for her resolve to get the patient’s ‘complaint’ to someone who could talk to him – it would have been very easy to just forward the call without follow through. Aleshia Greene, Director of Nursing Services, CCBH



  • “Thank you so much for the excellent care given to me during my hospital stay.  From the first person we saw in registration to the last people we saw on my day of discharge, they all put me at ease and helped me feel a little less nervous about the surgery ahead of me.  You have some exceptional people working at Northside.  They all seemed like they enjoyed their work.  However, there are a few extra special personnel that went above and beyond their jobs in making my stay better.  Registration – Lisa was very friendly with personality plus and a great attitude, she could not do enough for us.  Pre-Op – Ivey Benson was very friendly and helpful to us with what we had ahead of us.  Lab –Lisa Purvis was very good at her job.  I saw her several times throughout my stay and each time she was able to stick me without a lot of re-sticks.  Then as I was getting ready for the frozen plasma to be administered, Jamie Hatton (Housekeeping) came in with the biggest smile telling us her name and how much she “loved her job”.  What a wonderful young lady!  Case Mgt – Lisa Ferguson was also very personable and helpful.  3rd Floor – the entire staff went out of their way to be helpful and friendly, especially Samantha Smith & Nicole along with Tammy Reeves & April Grimes who kept a close watch on me keeping me as comfortable as possible.  Last but not least from this department, Machele Holder and Salathiel Gorley went above and beyond to help me with ideas to help get pills down and help with the pain – they are over the top employees that are very special.  ICU – Matt Carr & Laura McClendon came to see me wherever I was just to check on me.  All of the employees deserve special recognition.  It was not just a paycheck for them.  They really enjoy their jobs and they helped my stay to be a little more bearable.  Hats off to all of them!”  Patient – G. A.”


  • Teonshe is fabulous!  We want to take her to Zebulon Park with us when we leave!”  Patient M. H.


  • Elaine Vaughn was very helpful.  I didn’t have to ask any questions because she explained everything so thoroughly.  She was very compassionate and has a wonderful bedside manner.  You need to give her all the kudos you can, she is an exceptional employee of Coliseum Northside Hospital.”  Patient – S. K.


Happy Thanksgiving!

Steve Daugherty - CNH