Coliseum ER Expansion Update: December 3, 2017

Construction Update header 2

We are excited that renovations are underway for Coliseum Medical Centers’ ER expansion!  This expansion will ensure that we can continue to provide efficient and high quality service as more people seek care at our hospital.  The project includes the addition of five exam rooms, adding a CT scanner, expanding the ambulance bay, cosmetic renovation of our existing ER space and adding a helipad.  The helipad is an important addition to our facility for receiving patients from surrounding counties who require prompt treatment for their medical condition. Our ER Expansion Project will be in progress through the summer of 2018.

This Monday, December 4, construction on the ER addition will begin in the current area of the courtyard between Buildings A, B and the main hospital.  (We have constructed a new area to replace the courtyard underneath the main canopy of the hospital.)  Separation walls will be built around construction areas to protect patients, visitors, physicians and staff from construction. Addition of the CT scanner and new imaging equipment will begin also.

Ambulance and other transport vehicles will continue to bring patients to the current ambulance bay beside the main ER entrance during this week.  However, on Monday, December 11, the current EMS canopy will be closed, and EMS traffic will be rerouted to the main entrance to Building B. Temporary directional signage will be placed to direct the traffic.

On Monday, December 18, ER walk-in patients will be rerouted to the front door of Building B and will enter the ER via the back hall.

We will send you an update on our ER construction progress each Friday.  Please share with your team, our patients and others who may need to know. While disruptive to our routines, the emergency department expansion will have a profound impact on our ability to expand the number of patients we can care for in a safe, secure and up-to-date environment. Thanks for everyone’s cooperation with parking in the Centreplex parking lot. This allows our patients and visitors easy access to our services consistent with our mission: Above all else, we are committed to the care and improvement of human life. 

 If you have any questions, concerns or ideas, please contact a member of the construction leadership team below.


Todd Dixon, COO:  (478)755-4100

Todd Braswell, ER Director: (478) 765-1628

Liana Rogers, EMS Coordinator: (478) 538-0407

John Ware, Director of Plant Operations: (478) 464-1470