Greg’s Weekly Update (December 7, 2017)

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It is hard to believe that December is already here!  This can be a very busy, fun, stressful, joyous time of year, all rolled into one package!  I know that CNH will be quite busy due to increases in seasonal illnesses and in elective cases, and because the community is continuing to look to us more and more for their care.  I just want to say thank you to everyone for your dedication to our patients’ care and well-being!  I hear praises constantly for the compassionate care that you give.

Just last week, I visited a patient on the 2nd floor who is hospitalized a few times a year.  She sang the praises of her care team and told me that she would never go anywhere else but Coliseum Northside!

It was a great experience for many of us to get to help serve the holiday meal earlier this week.  However, this is not a job for the unskilled!  Patti Jones was “fired” by our own Deborah Kyles within 5 minutes.  And then I got in trouble for giving portions that were too small!   It was great fun serving with Deborah and greeting our hard-working team in line, and I hope you got to enjoy a fantastic meal.  Many thanks to our wonderful Food and Nutrition Services staff for making it possible!

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Look for our new Pillar Boards soon!  As a part of our continuing efforts to improve all aspects of our service to our patients, improve communications and to be as transparent as possible, we will be rolling out some Pillar Boards soon in public areas of the hospital.  These boards will display our six pillars (People, Service, Quality, Growth, Finance, Community) along with our Objectives, Initiatives and Metrics for each.  This will be a great way for all of us to be aware of our performance and progress and ensure that we are all rowing in the same direction!

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In recent posts, I have mentioned CNH’s performance related to our Patient Feedback Score.  This is a measure of Positive, Neutral, and Negative feedback on social media about CNH.  For the third month in a row, our Patient Feedback Score for November was 4.9 out of 5.0!  This is amazing and a real testament to the consistency of service being provided by our caregivers and support staff at CNH!

Here are some of the comments posted about us on social media:

Referring to Dr. Bansal:  “We have seen this doctor also.  He is so amazing!  Every time we go [with my sick child] he is on point! . . . Bless you and thank God for doctors like this.”

Referring to the ER:  “I brought my 17 year old daughter in for abdominal pain and she was taken right back.  She had the best nurse ever! Valerie made her so comfortable and helped her deal with pain and the news of diagnosis.  I am so happy that we went to this hospital!”

“Definitely the best crew anywhere!!  Love them and trust them with my life!!”

Coliseum CARES

The Coliseum Cares recognition program is now under way and you should be receiving notice of your first awarded points as our holiday gift this year.  Points are awarded for events (such as Christmas and birthday) and for delivering outstanding customer service.  When you receive points you will have the option to go to our new website at to select a gift.  You may also want to see who has been recognized in the program.  If you go to: and sign in using your 3-4ID and password, go to “Social” in the header and click on “Recognition Wall” you can see who has been recognized so far.  The very first recognition I received notice of for CNH was for none other than Amy Stokes who was recognized by Louise Truitt:  “Amy, during today’s employee rounding, Tracie recognized you for your willingness to help and your commitment to making sure events go smoothly for the staff at Coliseum Northside. We appreciate your support and teamwork.”  Way to go, Amy!


During the month of November, our brand new surgical robot was used in cases for the first time!  Dr. Perkel and Dr. Narh-Martey have already performed cases on the robot, and several others have been credentialed to do so.  Congratulations to our OR team for their preparation in implementing our new program!  You will also soon begin seeing the first signs of the ER expansion project.  It is set to begin on December 18th and will last about six months.  The new Interventional Radiology Lab will also be delivered at about the same time and installation will begin.  Great progress for CNH!

Bulldogs SEC

Jake Fromm Lee FrommHow about those Dawgs!!  For those of us who are die-hard Bulldogs fans, it has been an exciting season so far.  It is also a measure of pride for the Coliseum Health family that Jake Fromm’s mother, Lee Fromm, is a Behavioral Health Case Manager at Coliseum Medical Centers.  Jake has a reputation as a fine young man and great leader.  Congratulations to their family for Jake’s exciting accomplishments!  All of the playoff teams and fans should be proud – so, Go Dawgs!! Roll Tide!! Boomer Sooner!! and Go Tigers!!

. . . (But really, Go Dawgs!!) . . . As you may know, the semi-final game pitting UGA and Oklahoma will be a CEO vs. CEO rivalry for Coliseum Health System.  We will have to make it interesting somehow . . .

Bulldogs Oklahoma

I hope you all have a great weekend, and Happy Holidays!

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