CMC Employee Engagement “Check-Up” Survey

Help shape your work experience by taking the Employee Engagement “Check-Up” Survey! January 8-19…   Employee Engagement Survey_article 1 image

We work together as a team at CMC to provide compassionate care for our patients, and we support each other to create a positive employee experience. In May, we conducted the 2017 Employee Engagement Survey, and since that time, we’ve begun to take action on the concerns you identified.  Now, it’s time to measure our progress.

The HCA Employee Engagement Check-Up Survey begins Jan 8, ends Jan 19. Your input is very important to your leadership team – and to your co-workers!

All employees of this facility are eligible, except those who began employment very recently.  Contractors are not eligible. 

To participate:

  • Visit on a PC or mobile device.  If you’ve already logged into the HCA network from the device, there’s no need to log in again.  If you haven’t, log in to the network as usual.  You can also use your mobile device to scan the QR code shown on survey materials; after logging into the network, this will take you to the survey website.


  • Click on the “Begin Survey” link. Answer the survey questions honestly.
    1. Most questions use the same 5-point response scale, from “Strongly Disagree” to “Strongly Agree”.  There’s also a “Don’t Know” response.
    2. If a question doesn’t apply to you, or you prefer not to answer, skip over it OR answer “Don’t Know”.
    3. There will be at least one opportunity to write a comment.  Your comments will be provided to facility leaders exactly as you write them, only removing inappropriate language.


  • You can stop in the middle and click SAVE to come back later.


  • If you need help with the survey, contact HCAhrAnswers at or by calling 844-472-6797 (844-HR-ANSWR) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


  • Once you pressSubmit”, you will no longer be able to change anything.

surveyYou may have questions about confidentiality.  HCA goes to great lengths to make sure your privacy is protected. A few of these measures include:

  • The online survey is hosted by an outside vendor.
  • No one within our facility will have access to see individual question responses.
  • All individual responses will be grouped with others in each department to create a report. If your department has less than 5 respondents, there won’t be a department level report; responses will be captured in the total facility report.
  • There are open-ended comment questions. These will be reported “verbatim” or just as you wrote them (removing only inappropriate or offensive words). This means that if your comment includes names or self-identifying information, it will show on the report.

The Employee Engagement Survey is one way that we can make a difference together and we encourage your feedback.  We look forward to reviewing our progress!

Starting this Monday, ALL CMC EMPLOYEES should take the HCA Employee Engagement “Check-Up” Survey!

Get rewarded for sharing your thoughts with us!

For your best chance of winning a prize, take the survey first thing MONDAY (January 8) here!