Steve’s Weekly Wrap-Up (January 5, 2018)

Happy New Year! I am glad to have had some time with my family over the holidays and hope that you had some time to share with yours as well. We usually see a slow down during the holidays, but as you all know, this year has been anything but typical! The weather forecast, whether you call it the bomb cyclone or bombogenesis (mid-altitude cyclone that intensifies rapidly), missed us with the snow, but hit us hard with extreme cold. As many of you know, this is particularly hard on the chronically ill and coldelderly with CPOD, asthma, vascular disease and, of course, the flu. Luckily for our community, you have been here, ready and willing to provide great care for them! Special thanks to our emergency department at CMC who is also juggling our expansion project along with the influx of patients.


daybreak sleepoutAs we consider the cold weather, also know that we have people in our community without appropriate shelter. While we refer to them as “homeless,” many of their issues are more than just lack of shelter. We are lucky to have the Daybreak Center just minutes from our campus. Daybreak works on removing obstacles in a person’s life by establishing a relationship with them, giving them a place to rest, offering services to feel renewed, and connecting them to other community resources in order to help them move from being homeless to a life with increased stability… which is a long road, but with the help of a supportive system it can be transforming! I will be supporting this center and representing Coliseum Health System at their annual “Greater Macon Sleepout” for Daybreak. I will be sleeping outside (hoping it’s not 19 degrees!) in recognition of the difficulties these people face daily in order to raise money for the center. For those of you who donated to the United Way, they are a partner agency. You can visit the site to learn more or volunteer here.

Mayor Reichert

Just before the holidays, I had the opportunity to visit with Mayor Reichert and County Commissioner Gary Bechtel about Macon-Bibb government’s plans to improve the downtown corridor east of I-16 and around the Centreplex. We discussed some ways that we might work with them where we have mutual interests to improve the areas around our campus and east Macon. We are now in a TAD (tax allocation district) that may fund some improvements that benefit the hospital. The TAD is funded by improvements in properties in the taxing district and our ED expansion is a great example. From the improvements we make, the county will collect additional property taxes which will go directly into the Ocmulgee TAD. I also took the opportunity to remind him of the economic impact our staff and hospitals have on our community. That total impact is over $156,000,000, comprised of $110,000,000 of salaries (that you spend in our county), $7,800,000 of state and local taxes we pay (that allow the county to fund improvements to schools and roads) and almost $17,000,000 of charity and uncompensated care we provided last year. We treated over 165,000 patients from our community and registered over 90,000 ED visits between our two hospitals. He understands what a valuable resource we are to the community and the future economic success of middle Georgia.

UGA BAMA Tailgate

Congratulations to the Georgia Bulldogs who will advance to the NCAA National Championship game in Atlanta on Monday after beating my Oklahoma Sooners in an Frommexciting game with a dramatic finish. Now that the Sooners are eliminated, I am back with the home team! We will celebrate that accomplishment and prep for the game Monday night with a “tailgate” for the College Football Playoff National Championship Game! WEAR YOUR RED AND BLACK or CRIMSON AND GRAY! We’ll have special treats in both hospital cafeterias and distribute treats for the evening shift as we get ready to cheer on Georgia and Alabama in this ALL SEC National Championship! Also, CONGRATULATIONS to Lee Fromm and her son Jake on leading the Dawgs in a spectacular victory over the Oklahoma Sooners! Go Dawgs! “Sic ’em! Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof!”ees-checkup-rewards1.jpg

The HCA Employee Engagement Check-Up Survey begins Jan 8, ends Jan 19 for CMC only. Your input is very important to our leadership team – and to your co-workers! All employees of CMC are eligible, except those who began employment very recently. (<90 days). We have been addressing the issues you identified last May like IV poles, pumps, Coliseum Cares our new recognition program, and diversity training for our leaders. Please take the time to provide us some feedback on our progress so far. Visit on a PC or mobile device; if you’ve already logged into the HCA network from the device, there’s no need to log in again.  If you haven’t, log in to the network as usual.  You can also use your mobile device to scan the QR code shown on survey materials; after logging into the network, this will take you to the survey website.

Construction Update header 2

Project updates: Both Emergency Department expansion projects are underway and on schedule for completion in May. The interventional radiology suite at CNH is scheduled for completion on January 23rd. The renovation of the Rehab unit at CMC is scheduled for completion on February 15th. We have issued contracts to begin renovations to our behavioral health unit to improve patient care and remove risks for these patients. Exciting investments in our facilities!

new year

We had a lot of success in 2017 and I look forward to celebrating new ones with you in 2018!

Coliseum CARES

Visit and see if you or one of your co-workers has been recognized on the recognition wall and check your Coliseum Cares points balance and the great ways you can spend those points!

Steve Daugherty - CNH