Coliseum ER Expansion Update: February 19, 2018

Construction Update header 2

To Coliseum Staff:

The walk-in entrance will change temporarily! This will be the biggest change the public will experience during the construction process and we need everyone’s help to make it as seamless as possible for our patients.  Starting February 20, the walk-in entrance will close and all ER traffic will enter through the Building B lobby (where the EMS entrance is currently located.)  Watch this video with a message from Todd Braswell.

We are looking for clinical staff, especially techs, who can help man this area, assisting patients as they enter the ER.  Please contact Todd Braswell if you are able to help during this time.  We expect the main ER entrance to be accessible again March 1.

Progress continues!  The ambulance canopy demolition has occurred and this week they continue working on the new canopy and sidewalks. Work continues in CT/RAD rooms.  The tube system is being evaluated in order to get it functioning in a temporary location.

Additional signage has been ordered to help navigate patients. Hopefully, this signage will help as our patients are using the walk in ER entrance.

As construction continues inside of the emergency room, there will be continued noise. Thank you for your patience during this and remember that there are earplugs available if needed for patients.

Thank you for your support and cooperation with our temporary parking issues.  Please remember NOT to drive through the EMS area in front of Building B.  We are trying hard to minimize the inconvenience for our patients and be consistent with our mission: Above all else, we are committed to the care and improvement of human life. 

If you have any questions, concerns or ideas, please contact a member of the construction leadership team below.

  • Todd Dixon, COO:  (478)765-4100
  • Todd Braswell, ER Director: (478) 765-1628
  • Liana Rogers, EMS Coord: (478) 538-0407
  • John Ware, Dir. of Plant Ops: (478) 464-1470