Greg’s Weekly Update (March 2, 2018)

Hello, Coliseum Northside Team! 

Joe Zorbanos

Congratulations to our February Employee of the Month, Joe Zorbanos, one of our Nurse Supervisors.  Joe was recognized for many reasons – among those are his dedication and compassion that are displayed daily in every interaction with patients, families, and peers.  Congratulations Joe!

ahrq 2018

Our AHRQ Patient Safety Survey has come to an end, and although I haven’t seen the final numbers yet, I am certain that we reached our goal of 80% participation.  Thank you for taking the survey, and I look forward to finding out about your feedback as we strive to continue to raise our level of patient safety at Coliseum Northside.

Pic 3

Michael Dykes and our ER team celebrated the “Closing Ceremonies” of flu season on the last day of February.  While the flu is not yet gone completely, we can definitely say we are past the busiest days.  Check out the video on our Facebook page (can’t access on network computers, check out on social media from personal device!) that shows some special members of the ER team receiving their “Gold Medals” for their skills in Excellence, Compassion, Respect, and other categories! Each of these ER Team members were recognized via Coliseum Cares in the month of February (you can read the reasons why they and others were recognized on our Coliseum Cares site under “Social”>”Recognition Wall” at any time!):

  • Alecia Bennett: 2018 Gold Medal Winner in Compassion
  • Amanda Law: 2018 Gold Medal Winner in Excellence
  • Jon Marsh: 2018 Gold Medal Winner in Proficiency
  • Kim Sanders: 2018 Gold Medal Winner in Leadership
  • Kirk Beasley: 2018 Gold Medal Winner in Respect
  • Tim Jones: 2018 Gold Medal Winner in Service

Sweet-Ronda 161109cmc-h023

Please welcome Ronda Sweet who has now been serving for the last two weeks as our Interim CNO.  Ronda has been a nurse for 21 years, including 11 years of leadership experience, and 3 years of executive leadership.  For the past year, she has worked as Assistant Chief Nursing Officer at Coliseum Medical Centers.  She resides in Lizella with her husband of 27 years and their two sons, daughter and daughter-in-law.  Welcome Ronda!

Bed Race

Coliseum Northside has entered a team in the Cherry Blossom Festival Bed Race!  Many thanks to Alecia Bennett, Jeff Sissel, Michael Dykes, Jon Marsh, and Brandy Vann for their team spirit and taking up this challenge!  Our team will have to construct and push their bed in the race to be held on March 17th at 1:00 p.m.  You won’t want to miss it!

thumbs up 2

Be sure to check out our Coliseum Cares Recognition Wall.  Here are a few highlights for CNH –

  • Shannon Delong (Becky Whiddon): “Shannon, your kind deeds do not go unnoticed! You were caught by another manager handing off your umbrella to an elderly couple as you arrived one rainy day. I am honored to work with you each day! You are a true example of Coliseum Cares!”
  • Shannon Delong (Sheila Fowler-Davis):  “Some people have kindness in their minds, others have kindness in their hearts. Some people think about being kind, others talk about being kind. But very few people like you actually do kind deeds. Your “umbrella” offered to the elderly couple on that rainy day brought out the sunshine. Thanks!!”
  • Brittany Varga (Tiffany Oneal-Blount):  “Britt…you are the BEST secretary and you will be an even better NURSE. Thank you for ALWAYS going above and beyond your call of duty. You make the shift go so much smoother and I am so proud to call you my peer and friend. I can’t wait to celebrate when you are also an RN!”
  • Terry Rideout (Jennifer Owens): “Terry has been a great asset to our Coliseum Northside Radiology Department. She has gone above and beyond in preparing our new Interventional Radiology Suite for our patients, staff, and physicians.”

I hope you will take a few minutes to watch the above video featuring Hugh Tappan, President of the South Atlantic Division as he gives a First Quarter 2018 Update.  Two themes of the video stand out: Expansion and Experience.  Coliseum Northside is proud to be part of the “Expansion” story for our division with our ER expansion that is now on-going and the Interventional Radiology Lab that was opened in late January.

“Experience” is referring to the Patient Experience.  As we continue to care for thousands of patients in 2018, ensuring that their Patient Experience exceeds all of their expectations.  You are a major part of achieving that!  I’m very proud to say that as the 4th Quarter Patient Experience scores for ERs across the United States were finalized, the ER at CNH was in the 85th percentile!  That is a great accomplishment and I know that there is more to come!

thumbs up 3

Thank you for everything you do for our patients every day!  Above all else, we are committed to the care and improvement of human life . . .