Have BETTER Access to Hospital Info – On the Go!

We want YOU to have BETTER access to Hospital info – on the go!

If you don’t often have access to your hospital email, this should be ESPECIALLY helpful for you. Downloading this EASY to use, FREE app will give you access to critical hospital info from your smart phone, anytime, anywhere.

Here are the OH SO SIMPLE steps to download and make yourself a more informed employee:

1 – Access your phone’s app store

2 – Download the FREE app, Bloglovin’ (hit OPEN, as shown in screenshot below)

BlogLovin screenshot 1

3 – ALLOW NOTIFICATIONS (this step is VERY important!)

BlogLovin screenshot 2

4 – Search for our hospital blog, wearechs.com

BlogLovin screenshot 3

5- Follow!

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You’ll receive notifications anytime we update our hospital blog, ensuring you are in the loop, informed, and engaged!

(PS: We will be offering incentives in the coming weeks to those who have downloaded Bloglovin’/followed our Blog! Stay tuned!)