Greg’s Weekly Update (March 23, 2018)

Happy Friday, Coliseum Northside Team!

friday confetti

joint commissionI know everyone has been preparing for a long time for the arrival of the Joint Commission survey team, and as you know, they visited us on March 13-14.  We had a successful survey, and several leading practices were noted during the survey such as our time out process in procedural areas, tissue management, and falls prevention.  But the most common theme that I heard from the surveyors and the CNH leaders who accompanied them was the fact that throughout the survey, the staff were very engaged.  At every stop that the surveyors made, the staff could articulate the performance improvement initiatives in their area as well as their workflow processes.  This demonstrates the kind of patient safety and robust process improvement culture that we want.  Thank you everyone for what you do every day to make sure we deliver the highest quality care!


We also had a Total Joint Disease Specific Certification Survey with the Joint Commission this week on March 20th.  This survey went very well and the surveyor was impressed with our program and our people.  Great job!

doctors superhuman

Doctor’s Day is coming soon – we will plan to celebrate the doctors who provide care for our patients on April 4th .  Be sure to thank our doctors for what they do for our patients every day!

Easter Egg Hunt

I hope you plan to come to the Easter Egg Hunt this Saturday, March 24th from 11 am to 1 pm.  Our campus is such a beautiful location for this type of community activity and I know it will be a great time.  I hope to see you there!

Did you hear that there was a Bed Race this past Saturday during the Cherry Blossom Festival?  I am really proud of our team for giving it their all and coming in 4th out of 11 teams!  I think that they really should have been awarded special recognition for being the only co-ed team in the race.  Congratulations to Alecia Bennett, Amanda Law, Michael Dykes, Jeff Sissel, and Jon Marsh for their great performance!

working on it construction

Now that the steel is in place, the ER expansion is really beginning to look like an ER.  Progress will now appear more rapidly as framing and other finishes begin to take shape.  The construction completion is now slated for June 1st.  Check it out the next time you are in the area.


My wife, Pam, and I are really excited to be leaving this Saturday to spend 8 days in Italy.  This is the first time for us to make such a trip, and we look forward to the historical, religious and cultural sights we will see…and the food we will eat!  One thing that I look forward to the most is a visit to the Mamertine Prison in Rome.  About three years ago, my youngest son Chase got to spend five weeks in Italy for a study abroad program and one of the highlights of his trip was a visit to this prison.  It is considered the place where the Apostle Paul was held prisoner in Rome shortly before his execution.  Chase and his fellow classmates read the book of II Timothy while they were in the prison cell (where it was written) and he told me it was a very moving experience.  I look forward to following in my son’s footsteps!


Have a great weekend and be sure to hug your kids and grandkids!