Happy Nurses Week

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I want to wish our entire nursing staff a very Happy Nurses Week. I have been blessed to have the opportunity to work for over 29 years with a group who dedicates their entire lives to the care of others both inside and outside the work environment. For any of us who have nurses in our families or works with them we know that being a nurse is not something you turn on and off at the beginning or ending of your shift. You think about your patients long after you leave for the day and on your way to work. You are the “go to person” for many friends and family when a healthcare concern comes up and as we saw just a couple of weeks ago, a hero in our community, coming to the aide of complete strangers when an emergency presents itself.

thank you

vintage nurseNursing is also very personal to me as well. My Aunt Dixie (retired) was a psychiatric nurse for over 20 years and my sister-in-law Melisa has been a critical care nurse for 20  years and still practices every day in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It was a nurse who handed me three of the most precious gifts in my life, my children Anna, Sean and grandson Rylie. It was a nurse who took care of my son Sean last year when he was struck by a car 1500 miles from us and provided assuring updates over the phone. It was a nurse who sat bedside with our family comforting us as we grieved the loss of my Dad. It is a nurse who looks after my father-in-law Jerry at Zebulon Rehab and nursing home here in Macon. Most recently, it was a nurse who prepared my wife Lynda for a heart procedure, helped her in recovery and educated her as she went home from Coliseum Medical Centers. All very different situations but ones only a nurse could provide the needed care and comfort.

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Nurses touch our lives in so many ways. They do it because it is part of their DNA not for accolades. So this week I hope that all of you will join me in thanking them for the tremendous work they do, the caring and compassion they provide for all of us when we are most vulnerable. They are special people, doing special work and we need to let them know it.

Thanks for caring for our family, friends and community. Happy Nurses Week!

Steve Daugherty - CNH