HCA: Investing in YOU.

investment2While many companies provided one time bonuses for their employees as a result of the U.S. corporate tax rate reductions, HCA is making a more comprehensive, long-term investment in its people. We are excited to share the initial roll-out plan of these new employee benefits.


people developmentIn response to U.S. corporate tax rate reductions, we are pleased to announce HCA is investing up to $300 million over three years towards programs that support employees and their families. For your reference, here’s a tentative timeline of when program details will be shared across the enterprise:

  • Summer 2018: Expanded paid family leave benefits

paid family leave

  • Fall 2018: Improved education reimbursement program


  • Fall 2018: New student loan repayment program

student loan repayment

  • Late 2018: Support for clinical education and certification

  • 2019: New scholarship program for children and stepchildren of full-time employees


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