CNH Weekly Service Behaviors – Week 2 of 12: First Impressions Matter

first impression

First impressions are everything! What a difference it makes when we warmly welcome each and every person we serve from the moment they enter our hospital.

patient nurse First_Impression

When we acknowledge our customers and visitors, we are showing them they are valued.  When we introduce ourselves by our name, we let them know they can count on us. When we thank them for choosing our services, we show our gratitude.  This behavior is an expectation of every employee so we deliver a consistent, predictable service experience. Positive first impressions of clean environments of care and employee teamwork are also powerful messages to those we serve that they can trust us.

This week’s call to action is to create a POSITIVE FIRST IMPRESSION for those who use our services.  Some ideas to demonstrate this behavior are:

  1. Embrace every customer interaction by smiling and saying, “Welcome to our department.  My name is ______.  My role here is to _____________.  How may I help you?”
  2. Allow patients and visitors to enter and exit doorways; hold the elevator door open and allow them to enter and exit first.
  3. Look around your surroundings (desk, etc.) to make sure there are no personal items in the view of the customer.
  4. Scan your surroundings to ensure cleanliness, so that their first impression is one that is positive.
  5. Wear your ID badge, and display it on your top left lapel, and so others can easily read it and know your name.

I’m asking each department leader to identify ways you and your staff can visibly share how you have contributed to making a positive first impression with patients, visitors, and team members this week.  Discuss it in your shift huddles and departmental meetings.

Celebrate the success of your department to live our Mission: Above all else, we are committed to the care and improvement of human life.

thank you

Thank you for what you do every day!

Greg Caples