CNH Weekly Service Behaviors – Week 3 of 12: Managing Up Yourself & Others

speak positively

In order to create positive expectations and feelings of safety and security, our employees are expected to speak positively about Coliseum Northside and fellow team members to patients, visitors and other employees.  That means we will look for ways to position ourselves and other staff in a positive light by managing up ourselves, our team and our hospital.

Pre-surgery AnxietyUpon arriving to our facility, patients and their family members are frightened.  They are looking for reassurance that their healthcare need will be met.  When we manage up self and others, it is our opportunity to help alleviate their fears and show them we care.  Each time we manage up ourselves, a team member, or a physician in front of a patient or family member, we are making a deposit into the patient and family member’s “bank account of trust” and alleviating their anxiety.

managing up

This week’s call to action is to be intentional about MANAGING UP YOURSELF AND OTHERS while providing patient care and services.  Here are some ways that you can demonstrate this behavior:

managing up

  1. Create an expectation of excellence with every patient or family interaction. Discuss who you are, your role, years of experience and how long you have worked here.
  2. When handing care off to another team member, be sure to let the patient know they will be in good hands by sharing the team member’s role, years of experience and setting the expectation that this team member will provide excellent care.
  3. Never speak negatively about other employees, departments, or medical staff in front of our patients and families.

speak positively_2I’m asking each department leader to identify ways you and your staff can visibly share how you have alleviated patient fear and built their trust in us by managing up self and other care team members this week.  Discuss it in your shift huddles and departmental meetings.  Share with each other and celebrate the success of your department’s demonstration of key behaviors to live our Mission:  Above all else, we are committed to the care and improvement of human life.

Thank you for what you do every day for our patients and community!


Greg Caples