CNH Weekly Service Behaviors – Week 4 of 12: Taking Pride in Our Environment


Can you tell the difference between a family home in which the family takes pride in its appearance and one in which they don’t?  It’s easy to tell isn’t it?  The same is true for a hospital – is our pride in our hospital evident to all?

Taking PrideOne very important way that we create an expectation of excellent quality and safe care is to be sure our facility environment is clean and comfortable for those we serve.   And if you think that Environmental Services is responsible for our clean environment, you would be partially right.  We are all responsible for the environment we work in.  We want patients, families and other guests to feel welcome, comfortable, and safe at all times.

This week, I am asking each of you to find ways to demonstrate your pride in our facility. Some suggestions of how you might do this during the week include:

  1. Do not walk past trash on the floor – pick it up or call for assistance if needed
  2. Monitor public waiting areas to assure they are clean and neat.
  3. Take ownership of any environmental problem that you see – correct it yourself or contact someone that can address it
  4. Keep your work spaces clean and neat
  5. Be considerate of others and leave meeting spaces ready for the next group – positioning chairs back in place, place trash in containers, etc.

pride in work

I’m asking each department leader to identify ways you and your team can share how you’ve taken action as a “facility owner” and demonstrated pride in your role here at Coliseum Northside.  Discuss it in your shift huddles and departmental meetings.  Encourage your team to write examples of how they have demonstrated this behavior on dry erase or poster boards in the staff lounge.  Share with each other and celebrate the success of your department’s demonstration of pride and ownership.

Thank you for all you do to live out our Mission:  Above all else, we are committed to the care and improvement of human life.


Greg Caples