Greg’s Weekly Update (September 7, 2018)

Happy Friday!



I hope everyone had an enjoyable Labor Day and got to spend time with family and friends.

1 year anniversary

September 5th marked my one year anniversary at Coliseum Northside.  I want to take a moment to thank everyone for the way you have welcomed me and for all of your accomplishments over this last year.  I am very proud to be at Coliseum Northside and a part of this wonderful team!

napoleon dynamite skills

The CNH Skills Fair had a great first day and is still going on today.  Be sure to come by and see what Charlotte Costello and others have put together to help enhance our skills.

Proof Back

The American Heart Association Heart Walk is next Thursday, September 13th at Amerson River Park.  Please support one of our teams with your donations for this important cause that helps fight heart disease and stroke.  As a part of our support, the next two Fridays are Jeans Day (with your $5 donation).  Thanks!

active listening

Next week will be Week 6 of our Service Behaviors weekly messages.  Again, I want to thank everyone for the creative ways you are putting these principles into practice.  Next week’s theme will be Listening to Hear.  More to come on Monday!

CNH Number One in Division

CNH is still #1 in the division on HCAHPS and #1 in the division on ER Patient Experience and #6 in the company in the ER.  Way to go!

football challenge

Greg’s Football Challenge:  I don’t know about you, but I am really glad that college football is back.  Well, last week I was barely beaten by Scott Anderton in my football challenge.  It came down to the tie-breaker, but he beat me fair and square.  This week I am going to go up against Cabel Dupree.  Here are our week 2 matchups.

  • Clemson @ Texas A&M – Cabel picks Clemson.  I agree – they are clearly a top 3 team so far this season.
  • Kentucky @ Florida – Cabel chooses Florida in this one.  I reluctantly agree.  By the way, I have already reserved Brandy Vann’s spot as my opponent the week of the big UGA-FL game.  I can’t wait, Brandy, because I know you have to pick Florida.
  • Virginia @ Indiana – Cabel picks Indiana in this game.  I am also picking Indiana since they are home.
  • Penn State @ Pittsburgh – Cabel picks Penn State.  Last week, Penn State had to go to overtime to beat Appalachian State.  I am going to bet on the fact that the Nittany Lions got enough of a scare to take care of business this week.  I also pick Penn State.
  • USC @ Stanford – Cabel picks Stanford.  I would like to pick one different from Cabel, but I’m going to have to agree with him again.  Stanford’s offense was very good last week – I’m picking Stanford.
  • Cincinnati @ Miami (Ohio) – We both pick Cincinnati.
  • UGA @ South Carolina – Truly the game of the week.  We both pick UGA.  Go Dawgs!!

uga_hairy dawg.gif

Tie-breaker:  So we finally disagree. Cabel picks Iowa State over Iowa by a score of 31-27.  I am going to pick Iowa by a score of 21-17.

I hope you all have a safe, relaxing weekend!

happy weekend