Greg’s Weekly Update (September 14, 2018)


This has certainly been an eventful week in the South Atlantic Division and it is not over yet.  As you are all aware, Hurricane Florence continues to edge closer to the Atlantic Coast of the Carolinas, bringing hurricane force winds and forecasts of extreme rainfall.  As a result, the governor of South Carolina on Monday ordered a full medical evacuation of one of our sister hospitals, Grand Strand Medical Center in Myrtle Beach.  I have been truly inspired by the amazing teamwork on display throughout HCA to respond to this major weather event.  Of course, I have also been inspired and humbled by the response of our team at Coliseum Northside for stepping up to welcome and take care of the eighteen patients that we have received from Grand Strand.

The “Welcoming Committee” for the first wave of fourteen patients at midnight on Tuesday included:

  • Ronda Sweet
  • Wayne Thompson
  • Liana Rogers
  • Patti Jones
  • Josh Shepard
  • Olivia McCarty
  • Jamie Killingsworth
  • Jamie Taylor
  • Candie Ussery
  • Rayburn Houston
  • Dr. Gammada
  • Dr. Bansal
  • several members of the ER team

Thank you to all of these, and to those who I haven’t mentioned, who have been a part of making for a smooth transition from the long trip from Myrtle Beach to a safe hospital bed!


These comments were posted to the Coliseum Northside Facebook page:

  • From Tiffany Keys, CNO at Grand Strand Medical Center: “Shout out to our colleagues at Coliseum Northside!  You guys were literal lifesavers!”
  • From Jane Englebright, Chief Nursing Executive of HCA: “#Aboveallelse in action!”
  • From Nina Evans, Chief Nursing Executive of the South Atlantic Division: “So proud of the Coliseum Northside team.  SATL strong.  Caring compassionately for the patients, family and EMS who safely transported patients.  #Aboveallelse & HCA Strong.”

football challenge

For this week’s Football Challenge, my challenger is Austin Guinn of Physical Therapy.

  • MTSU @ UGA:  Austin and I both agree that the Dawgs will roll.  Go Dawgs!
  • LSU @ Auburn:  This is probably the game of the week.  Austin picks Auburn at home and I agree.
  • Boise State @ Oklahoma State:  Austin picks Boise State to win on the road.  I also think that Boise State will win this one.
  • Washington @ Utah:  Austin thinks that Washington is for real & picks them to win.  I also think that they can overcome being on the road & win a close game.
  • USC @ Texas: Austin picks Texas at home.  I am going to go with USC in this game – I think they have superior talent on the field.
  • Ohio State @ TCU: Austin picks OSU to win this road game and I agree.

Tie-breaker – Houston @ Texas Tech:  Austin thinks that Houston will win a high scoring game with a score of 45-35.  I think Texas Tech will win by the score of 42-31.

Thank you for all you do to live out our mission every day!  “Above all else . . .”