CNH Weekly Service Behaviors – Week 7 of 12: Integrity Matters


As leaders, and as people, the eyes of other people are on us at all times.  It is easy to spot if what someone says is not what they really do.  In all of our individual roles, living with integrity is critically important.


I’d like you to focus on how integrity plays a role in your life this week.  Think about what sort of values you expect other people to have who live a life of integrity.  How do they model integrity that makes it clear for you to see? It’s not just the big things that count, it’s the hundreds of little things we do every day that mold our character, develop our integrity and help us live our lives in ways that inspire trust and confidence in those we serve.

I’m asking each of you to find ways to model integrity this week.  Here are a few suggestions for you to consider and discuss in your teams:

  1. Choose to do the right thing every time. 
  2. Answering patient call lights even if the patient is not “yours” – our patient’s experience is owned by everyone.
  3. Helping a colleague, family or visitor when it “isn’t your job” to do so.
  4. Honoring your commitments and following through with what you promise to do.
  5. Promptly alerting your leader of a mistake or error you inadvertently made.


This week, discuss examples of “integrity” in your shift huddles and departmental meetings.  Encourage your team to write examples of how they have demonstrated this behavior on dry erase or poster boards in the staff lounge.

Share with each other and celebrate the success of your department as you live our Mission: Above all else, we are committed to the care and improvement of human life.