Improving Patient Lives Campaign – Q3 Acceleration Results

Good Afternoon South Atlantic Division and Facility Leaders,

I’m excited to share our bi-weekly Division and Facility performance to goal for Improving 6,768 Patient Lives in 90 Days. 

As of 10/19, we have improved 5,705 patient lives during our Patient Experience Acceleration Campaign and have earned their top rating for inpatient and hospital ED care.  That takes us to 83.4% of goal with 2 more weeks of results to go!   

colbert successCongratulations to Coliseum Northside Hospital, you are the FIRST facility to meet (and exceed)  your goal – thank you! 

Several of you are so close to closing that blue circle. We can still make the goal for our Division – don’t let off the gas in your patient experience improvement plans.  CEOs, I ask you to review your facility progress in closing the blue circle for improving lives, take down barriers for results, and celebrate with your team as you continue progress toward your facility goal.  What great evidence of living the HCA Mission these results are.

Yours in service,

Amy Cotton