United Way Giving: FAQ

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Thanks to those of you who have already made a donation to United Way of Central Georgia!  We have received questions from many of you in regards to the United Way campaign and the HCA charitable giving web site.  Hopefully the Q & A below will answer any questions you may have!

I can never remember how to find the web site for my charitable giving.  How can I find it? 

  • Just go to Insight, our intranet, and there is a link on the right side of the page near the bottom.  See below! (FYI, website is: www.hca.yourcause.com)

insight screenshot

 When I chose for HCA to match my donation, it doesn’t show the correct amount of $ being matched?

  • The system will only show the amount that will be matched in THIS calendar year/based on the # of paychecks left in this year.  The system will automatically update and match the remaining balance in the new year.


I already give to United Way of Central Georgia and I want to change my amount? How do I do this?

  • You can edit your current contribution.  After you complete the edit page, if you are not able to “submit”, scroll back up and be sure you have completed EVERY field including whether you want to match or not. Not completing a field will cause you to not be able to submit an edit. If you still cannot submit, contact the help number on the online site.  You CAN add a new contribution to UW and delete the previous if you choose to do so.


If I want to designate my funds to a specific United Way agency, how do  I do this?

  • When you are on the donation tab under United Way of Central Georgia, you will see a section that says “Designation.” There is a drop down box and you can choose “other” and type in the specific agency.  Be sure your choice is an UW agency.  Your supervisor can provide the list to you or you can go to the United Way of Central Georgia website – https://www.unitedwaycg.org/


I would like to be a leadership giver by donating $500 and having HCA match $500.  How much do I need to give per paycheck to do that? 

  • $19.24!  Be sure to check the match box on the donation site!


How do I figure out what my “fair share” is? 

  • You must know your hourly salary. This can be found on E-stub on Insight.  Your fair share is giving your hourly salary once a month. If you want to do Fair Share, you will need to figure out your hourly salary, multiple that by 12 to get your total contribution. Then divide it by 26, and then you can choose the option to have that amount deducted from each paycheck. (example: your salary is $20 an hour x 12=$240 total contribution. $240/26 = $9.23 per pay period.)


Can I get the PTO day for giving fair share if I am giving but not to United Way of Central Georgia? 

  • No, this is a benefit being offered for a contribution to the United Way of Central Georgia campaign this year. Please note also, PRN employees are not eligible for PTO.


I heard that I don’t have to give anything and if my whole department completes their paper forms and turns them in, I can still get a free meal ticket? Is this correct?

  • Yes, this is true! (But we do hope you will give!)  We want all of our employees to visit their personal charitable giving page and be familiar with the system should they decide to give at a later date. Please remember that by signing the paper form, you are attesting that you visited your charitable giving page online.


How about if I want to make a donation to United Way of Central Georgia, but not online or through payroll deduction, is that possible? 

  • Yes!  Please let your supervisor know that you need a paper donation form, and we will get that to you.  You may write a check made out to United Way of Central Georgia or give cash in a sealed envelope to your director.  You STILL must visit the online site, the sign the paper and you can be eligible for certain gifts depending on your donation amount. Also do know that on the online site, you may also make a one-time donation…it does not have to be payroll deduction.


If I give my “fair share” do I get the PTO and all of the other benefits below?

  • Yes you get them all!  The only one that you can’t get on your own is the free meal ticket given if all employees in your area complete a paper form.


I need a record of my donation for my taxes.  How do I get this?

  • It is on your W2 that you get from HCA at the end of the year. If you are enrolled with direct deposit then you will go to the same location you view your estub to print a copy. If not then it will be mailed to your house by the end of January.


Still have questions?!

  • Ask Priscilla in HR (464-1624), Robin in Marketing (471-6868) or the director of your department!