Our Commitment to Our Patients

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I want to thank all of you for incorporating our Mission into your daily care here at Coliseum Medical Centers. The first three words of that Mission statement are “above all else” which means there is nothing that takes precedence over the care of our patients, their safety and their rights as a patient of our hospital. Anytime someone comes on to our campus seeking medical care, our obligation is to take them to the location that best meets their needs, especially in an urgent or emergent situation, so that we can medically assess what they need and stabilize or treat that condition.

Those conditions that require assessment could be chest pain, symptoms of stroke, sexual abuse or neglect to highlight just a few. While the most common presenting location is the emergency department, it could also be the front lobby entrance, the outside entrance to labor and delivery or any other entrance or building on our campus. Anytime you feel a patient’s well-being is in danger, you can call the most appropriate code you feel needed to get a response for help. Any time a patient is in danger, there is no wrong response except not to respond.


Besides our own commitment to patient care, there are specific federal regulations that outline our responsibilities called the “Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act” also known to us as EMTALA. Everyone who goes through orientation receives this education; it has been part of our annual code of conduct training and is reviewed annually on the Healthstream Rapid Regulations course for clinical staff during our evaluation period. If you work in the Emergency Department or Labor and Delivery, there are additional policies and procedures that are covered in more detail. All of our policies are immediately available to all staff electronically in Policy Stat. They are on our intranet page under libraries so that if you need to reference them for a particular situation, they are at your fingertips. When you are in doubt, we encourage you to access the chain of command at whatever level you deem necessary to help resolve your situation or conflict up to and including myself as your CEO or any other member of our executive team.

Thanks for your commitment to our Mission: Above all else, we are committed to the care and improvement of human life.

Steve Daugherty - CNH