Coliseum “Nurse of the Year” and “Tech of the Year”!

Read below to see who was voted

Nurse of the Year and Tech of the Year 

at Coliseum Medical Centers!


Congratulations to Tech of the Year… Michael Williams!

One of his many nominations: “Michael has been at this hospital for over 35 years and in this time, it has become obvious that he provides the best patient care and lives our mission statement.  Patients constantly remind us that he is a superstar once they meet him.  He goes above what is expected in helping the nursing staff and other nursing assistants.  Everyone who has worked with him will agree that if they were in the hospital, they would want Michael to take care of them.  He goes about his daily duties as a part of his ministry.  He provides the very best customer service and his care and attention to detail are second to none.  He is always at 150% anytime he is at work.  Michael is the hardest working tech I have ever worked with.  You never see him just sitting idling away time.  He makes a personal connection with his patients.  Michael always treats patients with respect, like they are his own family.”

Congratulations to Nurse of the Year… Charles Ellison!

One of his many nominations: “Charles should be recognized for Nurse of the Year because he demonstrates what it means to be a nurse and to be committed to the care and improvement of human life. He exemplifies professionalism while being in very busy, sometimes chaotic, situations.  His patients come first and he will be the first one in the room for a code or a bed alarm! I believe Charles would be the perfect representative for Nurse of the Year 2019.”

Congratulations to all 2019 Superlative Winners:

  • “First to Finish Healthstream” –  Kim Long
  • “Best Selfie” – Julia Burch
  • “Most Compassionate” – Stephanie Intorcia
  • “Most Likely to Win the Race to a Code” – Andrew Howorth
  • “Comedy Central” – Hunter Jackson
  • “Best Smile” – Holly Goodman
  • “Team player” – Daniel Adkison
  • “Betty Crocker for Best Treats” – Rebecca Andrews
  • “Scrub Fashionista” – John Rogers
  • “Highest Consumption of Coffee in a Shift” – Cynthia Wilson

…and THANK YOU to everyone who submitted nominations!

We had exceptional participation this year, all thanks to YOU!